Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sunday, December 21, 2008

the dull

it's really hard to believe after all the angst and comedy of the long desperate bush era that it's all coming to a dull conclusion.

mr.kneejerk-expedient-whatever he's having-you'll have to ask someone who knows what's going on-sorry I just work here-if you need me I'll be in my oval office trying to keep my head down-well, if you think that's what we need to do-what? chicken salad again???-why cant we take vacations like we used to?-I dont know I just dont know-what's his name again?-who am I this time?-stop punching me, dick, seriously I'm gonna lose my drink it's not funny- is Finally going away.

people thought jimmy carter was smart but clueless. he's now one of our highest profile loose cannon statesmen. clinton was loved and hated but continues to be in the public eye doing Something significant (even if clumsy politically at times) almost daily.

so, my question is...while Junior is busy trying to moderate his 'blow em to bits who cares' legacy, what will he be doing a year from now, 10 years from now? will he be visiting orphan centers in swebubi? will he be tromping the boards for middle east buffalo rights? will he be sitting on some arabic yacht waiting for shrimp? will he still be controversial or the target of 'where are they now' stories just after the local news?

if he's not going to be testifying at his own war crimes trial in the hague, will anyone care? politicians have an unfortunate way of letting each other off the hook. what about us, the ones who will continue to suffer from his administration's policies? what about the people who will die in the street tonight because the right has taken a hands off policy on human needs and rights?

when supply and demand demands we supply greed whatever it needs. when people in free fall who had houses and jobs that paid a decent wage are now looking up at the tens of millions who have their heads turned away so they dont have to see the pit theyre about to fall into, too.

and to think I almost bought a house last year because it represented a sweet nest that's mine all mine, not knowing if I'd be able to afford it in the years ahead cause who knows what the fuck mortgage companies are capable of? oh, I'm sorry, you didnt see that line where it says you have to pay double cause we want you to on page 275 in your contract? I'm sorry...lots of folks miss that. my supervisor calls it the suicide clause. would you like to talk to him? let me put you on hold. he'll be with you when he gets back from london. yes, hang on thank you for calling the monster this morning.

the free market (or slave market, as it were) isnt about good companies getting better or setting an example others will follow because we reward their goodness with our business. it's about lucrative bad companies showing the rest of them how to put on a happy face while screwing their customers in ways they dont know about. with cheap crap that looks so shiny it seems like a great deal, shit that breaks as soon as you open it but it was so cheap you dont really care...with hidden gotchas in billing practices...with community service ads and interviews talking about how much they care while making employment so unattractive only the desperate will apply.

will any of this change in the new year? will we finally have a president who makes things better as opposed to actively looking for ways to make them worse for all but the few despots pulling his strings?

dont think it couldnt get worse. them's be famous last words. let's hope the good people who celebrated the obama sun rise have continued reason to celebrate. let's hope He finds a way to pull those people back from the brink of the bush sinkhole.

Monday, December 15, 2008

every day is Friday!

well, well...the true teacher's reward is christmas break, the great hibernation between the noise of fall and spring semesters. when every day is friday and full of sleep uninterrupted by classroom concerns and administrator nightmares. when there seems to be justice in the world cause youre doing what you truly wanna do and getting paid for it.

at first I had no compass, like an old woman in the grocery store without a list, like a young man in the park without a ball. then I successfully designed and built a wheeled frame for my keyboard stand. now I can move my shit around the fine arts building without taking it apart every time.

this morning I made my xmas card and am ready to make music and play hours of video games.

this weekend I'll be headed to taos for 2 weeks where the only advice I've been given is 'dont forget your snow boots'. the ski report says they have 31 inches of natural snow on the slopes. it's snowed 9 inches in the last 3 days.

I'm ready to go blind.

christmas pledge!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Kop Busters

...yeah, i'm SURE cbs 7 will follow up on the yolanda story.
fat fucking chance.

what a place. that shit's scary.

I'm With Stupid

thanks to a commentor on bob cesca for this one.

Monday, December 8, 2008

hamster eating popcorn on a piano

oh my god, this is fucking brilliant.

Sweeite The Chicken In The Microwave

OK, I'm really diggin on this sweetie the chicken stuff. Apparently this little dude is a cell phone animation thingy. Which I wouldn't know because I don't use my cell phone that much.

Do you? Have you joined the Zombie revolution, do you walk around typing things into a teeny tiny keypad instead of just picking up the frickin phone?

Annoying insane pain the ass .....technology. I'll bet you've got a palm pilot and everything.

Sweetie Has A Weird Moment

hey, i know that song.

I Love Commercials

aww! the little chicks!!

Cracker Nation

i fricking love this, but the best thing is to go to youtube and read the comments section on this video.

just search "immigration" and it's the first video that comes up.

the comments'll scare you..they will.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

nice job, video merlin

great stuff there. what the hell is sarah thinking doing an interview in front of a turkey slaughter machine with all those heads on the ground and blood everywhere? I'm sure the hunters are beating off to that...she's their dream.

the bill oreilly piece just shows what a bastard he is. what an idiot, yelling at your producer and crew because HE doesnt understand everyday language. there's a short in his brain, 2 naked wires sparking in the breeze between his ears.

great opera voice but one question...what the fuck is up with british teeth??? did all the dentists sail on the immigrant steamers or what??? THat book's got some pages sticking out.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

simultaneous blogasm

we must have pushed publish at exactly the same time. my new one's below.

I understand parrot skewers are huge in bolivia. - amerigo

A Really bizarre Love Triangle...or quadrangle?

I sent this to my Budgie Research Yahoo Group. Wonder what they'll say.

Hi All,

Question. I really don't know what to do..thoughts welcome on this.

I have two pairs. A younger pair of budgies and an older pair.

The younger pair is Buster, who is a very small, abnormally smart budgie who gets kicked around by the rest of the birds---and Blue, who is very fluffy and fun and just wants to frolic...and likes Buster...but _really_ digs the sexually mature, roost-ruling Bob the Bird.

Bob the Bird is married to Sloopy. (Who hangs upside down from the top of the cage for long periods like a bat...so we named her Sloopy...hang on...)

The woman who gave me Sloopy (a rescue budgie) said she was a boy. Sloopy's behavior is much more like a hen's. She adores Bob and squeaks in alarm any time he leaves her side. Bob is very solicitous of Sloopy and will chase the others away from her as he shepherds her to and from areas in their play corner.

But Bob loooooooooves to flirt with Blue. And Sloopy's cere is very much a blue color....though Sloopy is a pale white/grey budgie. Tim and I have been thinking maybe Sloopy really is a boy, and wonder if Bob is so attracted to Bluebecause she can give him what Sloopy...can't?

Sloopy gets really bummed out when Bob and Blue start flirting, and Buster goes off all by himself and will just sit alone. Much unhappiness. To complicate things, Bob realized the other day that he was romantically interested in my hand. He started talking to my thumb, hopped up, and got very animated, and before too long he was swiveling away and Tim and I looked at each other and went: Uh Oh!

I shook him off, but the damage is done; every time I come around he dogs me and hops on my hand and tries to get his swerve on.

So I've taken to separating the two pairs. But they call to each other from room to room and seem to miss each other. So I'm torn. Do flocks naturally need to sort things out? Am I being unnecessarily protective of Buster and Sloopy?

thanks for your time..

everyday movement

that's interesting cause I just went to a lecture tonight about the latest in Intelligent Design. they got a law passed in louisiana to 'free classroom science from the tyranny of evolution'. which is to say opening the door to creationism in biology.

though, after many struggles in the courts, the creationists have had to evolve their language so as not to appear too christian. so, creationists went from an equal time approach to intelligent design to 'let's simply take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of darwinism'.

sounds harmless enough, right? only problem is it's eXactly the same people and money trying to get laws passed to get their little pinky toes in the door of state education. the head of the texas school board is one of these guys. he refutes the invasion publicly but they have him on video tape talking at christian conferences about the steps that "they" need to take to pull the plug on what they call "naturalism" which is the science of evolution.

they believe God needs his own little desk in america's schools.

to me, the really interesting part is how liberal movements across the board think now's the time to crush the right wing christian and family value movements of the last 30 years. the push is on. we'll see how it goes.

personally, I'd love to see gay marriage, the end of creation science and the clearing away of religious political lobbies. let's get back to the separation of church and state. get outta my bed room, get outta my head. but then, I'm a marxist leaning socialist who hates the church, so there ya go.

the concept of 'christ' is okay, but christianity went sour with the whole missionary thing. that whole disciple/spread the gospel thing is insane. spreading the gospel is the framework for spreading democracy, spreading freedom...that bullshit.

New Movement Underway to Ban Divorce.

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

Monday, November 10, 2008

sarah our sarah!!!

"There ain't nothin I wouldnt do for sarah palin I wouldnt do for any other road kill!"

- amerigo vespukey

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Squabbles Between McCain & Palin camps

the ones who voted for him get it

and those who didnt got on their knees fast. they may not see the coolness, but they can sure feel the heat. aint nobody trying to keep being too righty whitey these days. I still wanna wait till barack's in office before I agree this is some kinda age of aquarius hoo hah.

right now is the best time to celebrate the coolness before the dang ultra conservative aqua vulva fetus huggers get their air back. theyve been knocked out but they aint eggsactly in the grave.

great graphic. very funny. I'll pass that one around.

jaw dropping tasteless joke anyone?

tuesday night, ohio falls to the democrats and obama puts on his suit coat to address the nation, gracefully with reserved joy. his measured steps to the mic are seen on every tv turned on. after regarding his audience with venerated respect and sweeping optimism, he shouts:


or perhaps he smiles a satchmo grin and yells:


if you want some real humor, as only the onion can deliver, try...


Saturday, November 8, 2008

People Don't Even Get How Cool It Is

nader neutered

I saw that thing and had no problem with nader's 'uncle tom' remark. it was a common complaint against black entertainers in the civil rights mvt. "he's just uncle tomming," cowtowing to the establishment.

people who are too young to remember. they think it's like using the N word. it's not. I thought shephard (?) smith blew that all out of proportion, was incredibly unprofessional in his language with an internationally famous political figure and was obviously ignorant of the history and meaning of nader's remarks.

having said that, nader may be simply too old to keep up the fight any more. or, Maybe, his priorities will begin to resonate and he'll be championed for his keep it realness in such issues as the environment and honesty in public policy. the things he's been talking about for years are priorities obama got elected on.

interesting times. I hope it doesnt blow up in our faces these next few years.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

purple nation

frankly, I'm surprised it was this close.

at least it wasnt 50/50 into the morning. we have a decided majority. the middle 50% of the nation is definitely sitting on it's left cheek this evening.

and no big controversy. it's absolutely official.

talk about a whew heard round the world.

I guess rove and cheney were tired this evening and didnt call the usual suspects, the twisters and tweakers they know in low places. it looks like mccain was willing to play with them but it wasnt totally mutual. I guess.

Monday, November 3, 2008

election erection

well, we're finally here and all I can hope is that A. a hundred million turn out for obama and B. I slip in on tuesday when the line is fairly short. dont tell anyone, but I'm gonna go at 2 knowing I have to be outta there by 4 so it better not be no 5 hour mad house or I'll have to go after I teach at 630 and That could Really be crazy.

anyway, I've been so mad busy with a house guest and major performance, I really havent paid a whole lot of attention this last week of destiny. I just hope what I'm hearing is true and that we're about to be a blue nation.

that would be sooo creamy sweet.

Friday, October 31, 2008

They're Gonna Squeeze in All The Destruction Possible at the Last Minute

sounds like the bailout was just the beginning. these guys are really trying to grab everything on their way out. it's kinda sick.

By R. Jeffrey Smith
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, October 31, 2008; Page A01

The White House is working to enact a wide array of federal regulations, many of which would weaken government rules aimed at protecting consumers and the environment, before President Bush leaves office in January.

The new rules would be among the most controversial deregulatory steps of the Bush era and could be difficult for his successor to undo. Some would ease or lift constraints on private industry, including power plants, mines and farms.

Those and other regulations would help clear obstacles to some commercial ocean-fishing activities, ease controls on emissions of pollutants that contribute to global warming, relax drinking-water standards and lift a key restriction on mountaintop coal mining.

Once such rules take effect, they typically can be undone only through a laborious new regulatory proceeding, including lengthy periods of public comment, drafting and mandated reanalysis.

more at: the washington post

Saturday, October 25, 2008

and another thing...

fuck laptops, tvs, dvds, cds and all the hardware you gotta open, plug in and push all those dumb ass buttons.

fuck all this shit. turn every interior wall into a voice activated datalink. if I want something visual and it exists anywhere, I should be able to get it by saying it.

pacific ocean . christmas island . the beach at dawn . late september.

bam...I'm surrounded by the creamy surf as the sun begins to ascend and I can sit there all day and it should look, sound and smell exactly right.

where's my fucking holideck, dude? I know ya got one.

and it should be absolutely free.

debate in a minute

I Loved that. I think all sporting events should be 3 minutes long, the debates maybe 90 seconds and no music should be longer than 10 seconds. if you need more than that, youre seriously not worth my time. if people want the longer version of any of the above, they can go to the website.

when will tv be random access. you should be able to use your cellphone as a remote control on every tv station archive and you can watch Anything they have 24/7. no cable, no dish, no fiber optics. gimme a tv and a cell phone and I can surf every tv database I want.

is that so hard?

roadtrip pictures

yes...yes...yes. I found some of those pictures in the move. loved em. any time you can make fun of corporate america with faux sexual ronnie taunts, I'm there.

I'm putting together a slide show for my big Bath House Asylum debut next saturday and I found some old kera slides of sesame street propaganda. disgusting little production house slides for potential donors. you know, look how cute we are. adorable, meaningful, educational, community minded, essential for the health of america. dont be an ass...youre a slug if you dont give us all your money, hand it over Now, bitch, or we'll guilt the fuck outta ya, slimewad! pledge drive drivel.

that kinda thing. I immediately tossed them out as the bullshit they be.

10 more freakin ass days

things are tight in a good way.

mccain has screwed the pooch about as bad as he bad ass can and b.o. is kickin some serious butt by just goin to ha-vi-ee for a few days. things is all pineapple-ee in america.

I'm gettin cocky. I cant help myself. it could all go to hell right now, but, for the moment, we gots a tailwind and the airport is just up ahead on the left. of course, we've been so disappointed over and over so I'm not sayin it's over.

I'm just saying I'm feelin a little cocky and it feels james brown bad all over.

that's all I'm sayin.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Bill Ayers' Blog

If you want to go somewhere to see hate spewing, go to Bill Ayer's blog.

Guess where you'll see the eruptions of spewing hate?
You guessed it. the comments section.

Just a little peek into the American psyche on this Friday, October 24, 2008.

I have this terrible sense of worry about the election and the climate in this country.

And then today, beautiful, black famously talented actress Jennifer Hudson's mother and brother are killed (and guess where they're from...Chicago) I'm using the Propoganda Channel link to the story because of all the news channels, they were the only ones who covered this story today as it broke.

I got my issues with those people, but Shep Smith has always impressed me as a credible newsman precisely because he's bucked their Propoganda Ops people on the air. Gotta find a link for that. It was during Katrina and it was amazing.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Doghouse Riley Does It Again

OK, remember a few weeks ago i linked to Doghouse Riley's blog. Tim found it and we think it's purty kewl.

So in a boring moment here tonight at work, I pulled up the Doghouse Blog and was looking at it when suddenly I found myself looking at a picture of...me.

This is the first time a photo has ever come back to haunt me!!

Remember when SteveO and I went on that two week road trip up the coast? We took lots of bizarre photos, like transforming a "Turkey Crossing" sign to "Burkey Crossing" and photographing me walking across the street in front of it....and then there were some compromising photos of me and, well, Ronald McDonald.

Lo and Behold one of those nasty pictures has surfaced and it is right there on the Doghouse Blog.

no question why ronnie's got that big shiteating smile on his face, right?


A Sign of Our Times: The Swirling Vortex of Crap

Click here for essay. By Mark Morford

Where U at?

I feel like I'm doing penance for all those years I've been hiding under my bed. Writing frantically to prove to you that I will, I really will be here for the duration.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Georgio Armani Slaughterhouse

not literally, but it doesn't matter.

i'm getting close to never eating meat again. this is how living creatures are dealt with in our assembly-line world. when i see this stuff, i come away thinking that any world where chambers of horror like this exist, is a desperate and sick place. and it's just made worse by the practice of keeping unsightful truths from the eyes of those who should know what they're eating, and wearing. i used to love rabbit fur. and, as a matter of fact, i have a rabbit fur blanket at home, in different shades of blue and aqua and teal. it's beautiful and i have backed it with cerulean blue velvet.

i think every time i wrap myself in it, now, i will silently thank the spirits of those whose softness is now mine to own. but i doubt i will wear fur ever again.

Find out more about Armani on peta.org.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

good times!!!

the last debate

nice videos. tragic chicken video. I do Not understand inhumanity to animals or, for that matter, everything. respect, dudes. think about what youre doing and how it affects who you are and what you are. I dont care if it's a chicken or a rock. dont be mean to what's around you.

I wish there were more debates. I think america needs to see these guys talk At each other as much as possible. I didnt like obama laughing off mccain's bullshit. it looks condescending and it probably is. it was nice when obama addressed the stupid charges head on, whether mccain accepted the explanations or not.

I thought mccain's glassy eyed bloated exploding head was about to come off at any moment and I hope to be there when it does. he really looked like he was going to have a tizz. I'm guessing it was mostly anxiety over whether his pointless campaignerisms were going to fly or not.

they didnt with me. I'm afraid president mccain would be way to reaganistic or bushistic in global affairs. too quick to go around knocking chips off shoulders while offering our own shoulder chips to Evil. fuck the whole evil trip fuckers and the pick ups they rode in in. I sooo hope we drop the 'homeland' bullshit. one of the many things I'd like to see buried with the bush legacy. what a waste.

I'm always shocked by the floundering twisted head chickens they interview and their ultra-narrow ability to address more than one iconic thing. after the debate, there was one elder citizen on CBS who was so fixed on her fear of the economy, all she could talk about was how important it is to freeze spending. she seemed to be a depression baby and I imagine it was drilled into her at an early age, "have not, spend not".

that's the advice you give children about things like cookies and lipstick.

not terribly creative thinking in the face of international adversity.

sarah, sarah

storms are brewing in your ass.

here's another good one. Sarah Palin has had a lot of ups and downs in her time in the national spotlight. When she was first nominated, the Alaska governor exceeded expectations by successfully reading from a teleprompter at the Republican National Convention.

this past decade i've felt like half of the country is living some cartoon life in Sean Hannity's America which is in some other dimension than the one where you actually have to occupy space.

"lower 48" --what it really means?

i like this.

"lower 48" --what it really means?

i like this.

wacky wacky wacky times....we're in em fer sher

electoral projections done right

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

and now for something completely different

fuck all this election angst, let's have some happy fun!

John Cleese on Sarah Palin

i SO love that we can blog videos now.

this is making me so angry i'm literally crying

the Yes on Prop 2 people put up this undercover video shot at a factory farm in norco, CA

but you can watch it here, too

i never thought about this stuff until i had birds and realized how intelligent they are. now obviously hens are not all that intelligent. but are they fellow beings deserving of respect and honor for what they give to us?

how can they not be?

i truly don't understand people who believe that things are not all connected. who believe that decimating the rain forests with their miraculous cures and ancient growth, will not affect this delicately balanced system that has allowed our population to flourish.

we can blow it all up at the touch of a button and yet you have people like Lars Larson who truly believe that the world is tough and indestructible and the short-range goals of the "free market" are worth plundering what might not ever be gotten back.

how do people write off caution? do they not have kids? are they insane?

The Fix is In

US Egg Producers sued for alleged Price Fixing

the fix is in, the law is out.
do the hokey pokey and shake that money out.

Monday, October 13, 2008

It's Crazy and Crazier

and extremely disturbing.

i'm starting to think people get their info/news from tv/broadcast media: (the propoganda channel?)


print media, blogs, internet.

because the people who froth at the mouth really seem to be completely unacquainted with the basic facts about both/either candidate, and when they open their mouths and spout, on colmes' show or elsewhere, they say the weiredest shit without even thinking about it. obama a terrorist? so at the debate when mccain shook his hand, he was shaking the hand of a terrorist? really?

anyway, here's a short and to the point op-ed from the guy who helped found the Christian Right and now regrets it.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

lying in america

I really should try to keep count of all the reasons I hate corporate america.

I feel like a native laying on the beach 6 months after columbus landed the first time. we're sitting there talking about all the things we hate about columbus and fucking spain...the disease, the deceit, the disrespect, literally, the holier than thou attitude these shit kicking jerks have.

theyre soldiers and salesmen. everything is either protocol or snow job blow job. there were so few people I could trust in those days and even those I Did couldnt be trusted cause it was nothing but one big political killing field.

I'm not sure I can blame them cause it takes a fully developed human to maneuver in those waters without getting rats in your gut and barnacles on your underbelly. and I've never seen anything approximating maturity in that environment. in other words, it's a place that shouldnt exist in the first place.

the fucking spaniards should never have set up camp on our island. they shoulda stayed in spain where the fucking rain stays mainly in the fucking plain. they set up a system you simply canNot tell the truth in and survive. you canNot say anything to anyone you wouldnt say personally to every dip shit right on up the line cause there's no natural law that Keeps shit from going both ways.

in fact, bosses love pulling out their little shit vacuums, probing and violating, sucking up bits of information for the files. even if its nothing more than rumor and dingle berries plucked specifically to get the drop on whoever you already think you might wanna get rid of cause they dont grovel to your satisfaction.

it's all rats on a rotting corpse of a ghost ship from on your mark. no one expects the spanish inquisition, but fuck, they sure as hell get around, huh?

I Knew for a fucking fact a certain program director was filling my file with lies. it's why I hated her so much. or rather why I hated a system that rewarded lies and the people who loved telling them and punished all who dared reverence truth. the more truth you tell in corporate america, the closer you get to the front door or, rather, the back door and an alley soiled with random bits of kicked ass and the administrative puke of the unexorcised.

it's a fucking ass nightmare of a fucking ass fucking ass game and they truly believe it's this american life. abby told me, straight up, "in your job, you cant be yourself. you have to be what someone else says you are."

I laughed...Then.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

take a bow!


beautiful...that was beautiful..... your perception of things matches mine to the very nuance. it's funny we haven't discussed this stuff for soooooooooooooooooo many years and yet we come back to do a blog again and yet you still see things the way i see them, totally. maybe you managed to influence me with your "department of the resistance" ideas. huh? huh? i bet you did. or at least you think you did. i think i had them anyway.

in the world of the station i was at, no one, especially another female, was allowed to surpass her boss in terms of getting attention. even if on-air personalities are _supposed_ to get your attention---that's why you put them on.

so you're fucked either way. if you're too good, ruth will cut you off at the knees; and if you falter, she'll cut you off at the knees then, too. whatever you do, you're not there to assume that you have any equal part in the relationship at all. you're to assume that you exist at ruth's favor and that without her, you would be no one, and nothing.
and god help anyone who doesn't act accordingly.

it's funny that when you don't act accordingly, you find out real fast who your friends and enemies are. but that was something i always had trouble sorting out anyway, so i can't totally blame the station for that. but what i can blame them for is for rewarding behaviors that are not in the best interest of the station, the organization, (because that might compete, take attention away from, the glory of Her who rules) but in rewarding behaviors that tear people apart; the backstabbing, the lying, it's a whole culture which is honestly so shockingly different from anywhere i've ever worked, and while i was there we'd sit around and say, 'it's this bad everywhere else, it sucks everywhere.' and when things suck, your world tends to start looking like a place where everything sucks, but the thing is: everything doesn't have to suck.

and there are plenty of places it truly doesn't! people have an infinite number of different ways to be in the world, and solve problems. it's really not all nasty out there. blamefests and bitter rivalries do not rule everywhere. genuine friendships can and do form. peace and balance can prevail.

Friday, October 10, 2008

no, gabrielle was never naked...

...I cant even imagine surviving a sight like that.

though the first thing gail (your replacement, I think, sorta) did was take off her bra as she sat down at the console every night. sometimes she would expose herself while I was sitting right across the board and, though I wish she were liza instead, a peek is still a peek.

certainly one of things I was least impressed with about myself in those last several years was how many women I seduced in master control. I had this thing about doing it on the turn table cover in the old building and just about anywhere behind the machines in the cell block. one thing's certain, no administrative assistant was safe on my watch. it was some sort of massive mutual nervous tick I guess. we were all looking for relief from the madness that settled foglike over the new building.

speaking of which, the night liza slept on the futon was very interesting. ah, those old k*** crushes. and now quite a few of them I havent seen in half a dozen years are suddenly making me F-R-I-E-N-D-s on face book. oh goody. I dont even know how to respond half the time.

I am so over all these networking sites. leave it to the west to take a fundamental concept like friendship and turn it into what amounts to a pillow tag.


futurist waxes poetic

cell block is right! very bad karma, that place. bigger is sooo not better. you have to pay for bigger and, more often than not, the price is way more than you bargained for.

I thought the old joint was perfect. fuck the sound proofing and automation. it was the death of everything the founding fathers wanted the station to be. fucking reaganites, philistines, philanthropists, dog face pony soldiers with their human resources and corporate communications and ass wipe 'real' radio station crap.

fuck em all to hell.

gimme a nice neumann with a sweet spot and I can live with window units buzzing away and a mess of analogue 70s shit. gimme jack in the box sharks hangin from the ceiling and an old futon under the Lp racks. people crashed out on the floor and taking hits of whatever while things are actually spinning all around and not about to crash on the fucking hard drive mismanaged by program directors and their traffic administrators who wouldnt know good radio if it came in through the bath room window.

people and policies who have no business being in the radio business riding herd over the magicians who instinctively know how to spin radio gold out of needles in hay stacks.

I say exile them to deep space where they can all get busy fucking up black holes.

let em fuck up something that's already fucked up and let us take care of what's not and should never be. cause that's what they did. they took something hand crafted by those who loved every inch of it and turned it into infinite miles of bullshit. if you took all their turd ideas and laid them end to end, they'd already be at their destiny black hole destination.

can you buhlieve sam baker's still there? I think if you work somewhere that long, they should have to build you a condo on the roof with a fire pole into master control. sam should just pull himself up by his fireproof suspenders, brush his burly teeth and fall right down into work every morning. after he gets off, he should be allowed to feast on grilled vice president with a side of slaughtered pledge drive producer slaw and wash it down with the blood of the last crop of community service volunteers. hell, throw in a bag of chips and a pickle. he's earned it.

then he can enjoy a nice extended burp followed by a pleasant dump and shimmy back up the pole for a hazy mid-morning nap in his free condo overlooking the dallas skyline.

now That would be justice.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

swillgut, you're so handsome

i've got a photo of you on my console that i'll have to show you on the blog. you're in the old control room at KERA (pre-prisonblock building) and you can see all the equipment on the wall behind you, you're behind the control board, everything so low-tech looking now it just shivers my timbers, and it's so sweet, the copy stand, the cart machines, the friggin demods on the panel, volume meters with the swinging needles, and i never thought i'd look at photos like this and feel nostalgia, really took it for granted then. i think of those times as some of the best in my life, sitting there waiting to hand it off to you, sneaking a beer (da boss was really mellow and only got on our case if we made it obvious like leaving bottle caps around) and putting the volume loud and eating grapes and just being completely in the moment.

i was so weirded out when you told me about doing shows in the nude, and that gabrielle did it too. did she really? wow, man. anyway it was so inspiring and by golly that door locked so on some nights i'd slip off my little black dress and slide the bolt and broadcast in the buff, and i was hot then, too. remember the night of my final exams and i passed out on the floor so tired? and sam, what was his last name, came in in the morning and found me lying there using my arm for a pillow.

i don't do radio like that no mo. i guess we gots ta grow up sometime. damn shame.

Monday, October 6, 2008

new pad

it's amazing. beautiful, bright and shiny. open with what amounts to a glass wall along one side and ceilings angling into the 20 foot range in the dining and living room. the space is perfectly balanced and, when my new furniture gets here on friday, I will have the best nest I've ever had.

and it's so close to great restaurants with access to dallas and plano and good launching point to all points north, east and west. tory's place is one building over and I can walk through a little forest of pines and hardwoods along the wrought iron fence to go back and forth very privately.

it is sooo quiet and peaceful. and, somehow, the neighbors, though we share a wall, seem fairly invisible compared to my old neighborhood. when everyone's in houses you sorta have to wave and be neighborly. in apartments, you go about your business with barely a hey.

my kinda place. I cant say enough good things about it so I'll leave it at that.

thanks for askin.

voter suppression tactics in low-income philly suburbs

click here for story

how's the new pad?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

hahahahhahah....more from doghouse riley

My Poor Wife says that Summer is officially over--the day before the equinox--because Big Shirtless Roy, the 54-year-old fireworks aficionado and lawn care cultist across the street, was mowing the lawn this morning with a shirt on. Which may, in fact, actually mark a new Millennium, or the Dawning of the Age of Aquariums. I typed that by accident and decided to leave it in. I don't recall seeing him wearing a shirt while mowing the lawn in twelve years. I'm not even sure he wears one operating his snowblower.

Did I ever mention that the man owns his own parking cones? So do the people next door to him. The cones turned up the last time we had a neighborhood yard-sale day, in mid-afternoon, sometime after he'd come storming onto our property and berated an elderly couple who'd parked with two wheels on his lawn. If I recall, that was the same year his lawn developed mysterious, random, circular dead spots almost overnight, which someone suggested to me looked like the result of person or persons unknown making herbicide ice cubes and hurling them on his lawn from somewhere nearby on some warm summer night, when they'd melt without a trace before morning. All I can say about that is, you really wanna be careful about that sorta thing. Like wearing first-rate hazmat gloves.


here's a good one

Look at how last night's exercise became a test of whether Sarah Palin could do better than abysmal. Who thinks this way in real life? No one who doesn't have money riding on the outcome, for starters. I saw somewhere in one of the endless breathless lead-ins to the thing where someone said the night would answer the question of whether Palin had the "capacity to grow". What? If you hired someone to deliver pizzas, and he has a minor fender-bender his first night, you might think, well, mistakes happen. If you hand him his first order and he sticks the ignition key up his ass, starts making "vrumm vrumm" noises, and then crashes through your picture window, you are not going to say, "Well, maybe next week he'll remember to wear pants."

that's from doghouseriley

also check out SHITHEADERY.com

what a world

c'mon now

was anyone really surprised all this stuff went down? seriously?

i mean, did anyone hear these commercials by countrywide home loans and the like "it's the biggest no-brainer in the history of mankind!" bla bla bla bla---

"c'mon now! you know you need some cash. just a nice little teeny tiny loan, super duper low percentage rate, piece of cake!! nothing to it!! get some cash, buy some more stuff!! you know, you know you need more stuff!"

gadgets! ipods, electronic toys of all kinds, stereo systems, the latest lamp from pottery barn, plenty of nifty ikea stuff that's almost disposeable (though you'll have to bag it yourself)

at the grocery store? well, you're gonna get to do the work there too. everyone can pack his own groceries!! no more personal touch in ANYthing. everything mechanized! customer service phone trees that make you wait and hang up on you and switch you between departments and make you keep track of fifty bajillion little pieces of paper with passcodes or authentication codes or account numbers, until the information just spins and spins in your head til you can't keep track of it anymore, just numbers on a screen, nothing you can reach out or touch, and always that feeling like you aren't doing well enough, you aren't cool enough or fashionable enough or pretty enough or "stimulated" enough and the solution is going to be to SPEND money on something to make you FEEL that way!!!

so get that cash in hand, by god!

i mean, did anyone hear those countrywide spots? did anyone not think to himself, "this guy is the biggest crook in the history of mankind"? seriously?

everybody knows the dice are loaded
everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
everybody knows the war is over
everybody knows the good guys lost
everybody knows the fight was fixed
the poor stay poor, the rich gets rich
that's how it goes
and everybody knows

.....everybody knows that it's now or never
everybody knows that it's me or you
everybody knows that you live forever
ah, when you've done a line or two
everybody knows the deal is rotten
old black joe's still picking cotton
for your ribbons and bows
and everybody knows

and everybody knows the the plague is coming
everybody knows that it's coming fast
everybody knows that the naked man and woman
are just a shining artifact of the past
everybody knows the scene is dead
and there's going to be a meter on your bed
that will disclose what everybody knows.

everybody knows that you're in trouble
everybody knows what you've been through
from the bloody cross on top of cavalry
to the beach at malibu
everybody knows it's coming apart
take one last look at this sacred heart
before it blows.

everybody knows.

leonard cohen

and no...

there's never been a more fun election season.

92 comes close, but you have to go all the way
back to 80 or maybe 63 to find this kinda tasty
doodoo on your political doorstep every morning.

sarah sarah and all that implies

finally, the move is so passed tense and I'm back in a very new real world and diggin it.

of course, I watched the sarah joe show and didnt get the trip and tumble I was sorta hoping for. if youre going to watch boxing, you want the occasional knock down and it was far more subtle than that. the only real gotchas depend on your distance and direction from center.

joe was, of course, shooting straight from the hip and sarah was doing her reagan impersonation through most of it...which she does a little too well for our own good.

obviously, there are plenty of folks who think she could be the next ronnie the clown and that's not so good for our side. she might Be. we may live to see the right get their way all the way yet.

not this time I dont think, but I can imagine sarah and hillary going at each other in 2012 if obama bombs out (or worse) and joe decides not to run again...?

I'll leave it at that for now.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


CNN explained themselves and introduced us to the focus group members.

Interesting....I guess I'm down with it.

Homer Simpson Tries to Vote

what the fuck does CNN's "uncommitted ohio voters" graphic MEAN?

what are they measuring? anyone know?

plus, it's flatlined. WTF? WTFF? (what the fucking fuck.)

am i the only one who gets dizzy watching the lovely sarah speak?
(Lou Dobbs played this song on his show: Sarah, Sarah, storms are brewing in your eyes. Sarah, Sarah, no time is a good time for goodbye.)

Oh, and the song "Barracuda" by Heart...remember how the McCain campaign started using it at live events, and Heart contacted the campaign and asked that their song not be used.

now sarah's talking and the "uncommitted ohio voters" are way up on the plus side. does that mean they're buying it? ok here comes biden, and the graph is going down, down, down down, ok the orange line for "women"" going up. the chicks dig him. women like him a whole lot better than the men. now sarah's talking the women's line drops abruptly.

women can tell when a woman's full of shit. men might just be responding to sarah's sexy trim figure in that hot black suit. ooh la la sarah!oops she's still talking, now the women are with her again. just a couple of notches above normal. she's blathering about teaching, mentions her kids, how they're in public school, she's talking up education, bla bla bla bla. moderator is speaking and the graph falls off.

how are they measuring this? what are they using? is their audience skewed?
how did they pick their audience? how many members? how exactly is this graph being generated in real time like that? if they're going to put sommething like that up there, without an explanation of what it is, what's the point of it?

ok here's what the link goes on to say: one person explained,
"They have a bunch of potential voters from OHIO seated in a room with a dial thingamajig on their hands that when rotated can go from 0 - 100 to show how much they are liking the candidates intervention."

How many people are in the focus groups? 30 to 32, says CNN.

now biden's talking, and the women are digging him again. men, though, too.
i've missed out on their actual answers because i'm so fucking distracted by watching the reactions.

guess i should go just watch.

how can anyone not watch? has there ever been a more jolly election season? has there?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

NPR should not try to be funny

actually, it was someone on Marketplace. PRI. i think they are just thrilled to be in the middle of all this stuff. i forget the female reporter's name but she said "i'm heading to reno where i hear there are casinos rivaling those of wall street," a beat, then goes on (i guess you're supposed to insert a laugh?)

on paper it's kind of cute. coming out a correspondent's mouth it pushes my ANNOY button and holds it down, like so much stuff on NPR does.

still. it's all we've got. but this time around i have to defer to lou dobbs for my listening time. he has some weird ideas. "mister independent" he calls himself, "mr. codependent" i call him. he has some weird thing about race that is so irrational and whack, it makes his other ideas suspect in some peoples' eyes.

what he does get right is that liberal groups are all too happy to trash him and simplify what he says he believes, which is that the immigrants aren't to blame for what's happening to them, but rather the employers who hire them. i've heard him say any number of times that he believes enforcement should and doesn't, focus on the employer side, the business side. he says lobbying groups paint him as a mexican-hater and that those same groups are backed by same employers who have an interest in cheap slave labor.

but at other times he seems to truly have a visceral hate for people of other races and cultures.

however when it comes to money, no one knows more.

and i wasn't surprised to see where he comes down which is where i come down: no bailout.

do something else. get the credit markets moving by giving the cash to parties who are not wall street honchos. do anything. the world is our oyster.

revenge is rewarding, says a psychologist who compares the parts of the brain activated by revenge, to the same parts that enjoy heroin, chocolate, bla bla. he says the "no bailout" sentiment is based on revenge and the desire to punish wall street.
even though it's not in our favor.

i don't buy it. i just don't.

remember what alan watts said about wall street? that you can measure something in inches, but on wall street, you're not selling that something, you're selling the inches themselves.

listening to some of the programs about this, warren olney's program for one, i realize how over my head these concepts are that are flying about. and that doesn't mean i don't have an opinion, just that i feel cautious about that opinion. i seriously am not surprised by any of this, even though i don't think about finance. just watching the market over the past few months there's been something in the wind and here it is.

but i think it's more of that shock doctrine stuff. (by naomi klein: read it) scare the american people so you can take advantage of them ....AGAIN.

as to what to do in the here and now? do anything. anything but reward these criminals. do what mcconoughy said, for fuck's sake.

have we had fun like this in an election season ever? i think not.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

the great moving limbo

sorry I've been somewhat absent. still moving to the great white north.

it's the last weekend, I pray. good posting, you guys. so nice to see the spewing in such sweet directions. wouldnt it be amazing if a few corporations did some ceo lynching when it became necessary.

that would certainly turn a few bottom lines upside down in a good way.

"if we the people dont get to run things, you sure as hell dont either, sahib!"

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain Aide's Firm on Freddie Mac's Payroll


suckier and suckier by the day.

anyone hear obama speak?

no wonder mccain doesn't want to have the debate friday. what a chickenshit. obama will whip his ass all over the place and the bushies know it.

there's really nowhere to hide. but what someone here said before was right. once they brought in the rove machine (same one that once gave mccain the royal smackdown shit treatment) things turned around for him.

CEO righteously bludgeoned by mob of laid-off Indian workers

Think we're ready for some of this freakiness?!

To quote Bridget Fonda's character Melanie in 'Jackie Brown' - "Shit, I'm impressed!"

it's a neighborly day in the beauty wood

The Crime Of Committing Journalism

what people like my midwestern family tend to forget: facts can be verified and there is an acceptable protocol for doing so. i think what they must believe is that experts are full of shit because everything can be twisted, so, just go with your gut, because the truth takes too much digging.

they're partly right. i remember being extremely frustrated in the early 90's just starting out in the world, because i'd been born and bred in republican waters and was basically faithful, but _knew_ something was amiss. however, i had no world experience, no compounded knowledge of events over the course of decades, no personal observation of cause and effect, and no way to check facts without running to the public library ten times a day, which i also couldn't do. i also had no teacher, no role model who wanted to take the time to help me make sense of things. the things my dad preached at the dinner table made sense to a point, then abruptly stopped making sense (just like everything else he did). so without the internet, i was stuck. i had no idea what to believe. all i knew was that if i had to choose sides, which in a two party system you must, the democrats usually seemed the lesser of evils to me, and made more sense overall. but i distrusted my instincts because i was inexperienced and had no way to easily check facts or even verify the evidence supporting rumors.

and then along came the internet. i got my first computer in 1999, my first real computer upon which i could do searches adn other computer-type stuff (before that i had a basic black and white screen computer which i could send email on but do nothing else, thanks to a genius friend named carl who rigged it up for me).

and lo and behold there's a box you can type a question in: and all kinds of answers come back. google.

and also, by that time, i'd been listening to All Things Considered for about 10 years. so i'd had plenty of news, and was beginning to see the writing on the wall. in my fuzzy vision things were beginning to take shape. i also had some life experience, so i was beginning to know the kind of things people said, and how they looked, when they were lying. as any cop will tell you, it's a skill you've gotta have for your own safety. it's a skill my dad truly does not have, i think. which might explain why he believes the lies my stepmom tells him about me; but also, he is a liar himself. so it's really complicated as to who's zooming who between the two of them. but what i do know is that they both fervently support Bush and all Red White and Blue republicans, who they believe are the only ones who are red white and blue, and not just red.

the rest of us are "dangerous" "Liberals" who are trying to "destroy our country."

a friend who lives in japan tells me the US is still a place where people enjoy relative personal freedom. which gives me hope.

anyway, so for a long time i've really been trying to educate myself as to what is going on. it's a nasty compulsion at times because there's only so much i can do about the Big Bad World. i start thinking about all the things i can't do to influence the big picture, and forget to tend to my own little life. but at least i'm interested.

and the education my dad paid 60 thousand dollars for didn't teach me the things he expected me to learn, and neither has life itself. he was definite on wanting me educated. but what i've learned is not something he wants to hear, so he puts his hands over his ears and sings, "la la la la la la la" all day long, and sends me a book for my birthday labeling my beliefs fascist. "just ignore the title," he wrote in an email.

i wrote him an email with the subject line, "you're an asshole," and said, just ignore the subject line.

i didn't send it, though.

this is why older men are so great and tim in particular is amazing. he's got 20 years on me, of watching the world go by, and his analyses and references are devastating. he can truly remember the same facts which fall out of my head, because in the end i'm less cerebral and more intuitive and can't argue my way out of a paper bag. but he can. my political knowledge is deeply informed by the things he's taught me. if i could have anything in the world, would i want him to be 20 years younger so we would have more time together? i'm not sure i would.

anyway, it's another beautiful day in the neighborhood, and it's time to go see Io the parrot.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

janice dickinson is a bat outta hell?

i swear i saw


woman almost run me down this afternoon while i was walking in my neighborhood.

she was in a black explorer (?) and as i was crossing the street she came flying out of nowhere, coming down the street so fast, i was in the middle of the street before i saw her, walking across. neighborhood street, but lets out on fountain, which is a major east/west corridor. so i'm in the middle of the street, walking along in my green and white dress with buster in a little cage on my arm (taking him to see Io, the neighborhood parrot, at the Mickey Hargitay Plants on the corner, which is one of the most beautiful places to go and breathe oxygen in this hood).

anyway, i'm halfway across already and i stop, to make sure she's gonna stop, and believe me i look both ways when stepping out, too many peds get mowed in this town. (and being a traffic reporter i get to hear about em.)

she's going maybe 50. with about 25 yards to go. and i stared her down, the way tim does when we're crossing the street and he puts on his mean, challenging, don't-fuck-with-me-i'm-a-big-guy face, when someone's doing this, coming on at full speed even though you're walking and it's a neighborhood.

it's too dangerous to walk, without making eye contact with drivers, and california drivers are pretty mellow and pedestrians are pretty mellow and i get people waving and smiling at the birds when i take them out, or if i let a car pass i'll get a nod and a thanks, and normally, because i'm chickenshit, i wouldn't stare directly at a woman coming on like gangbusters in a big black SUV with dark glasses and hair and lips like Angelina J.

but i didn't back down. held ground for me and buster bird. stared her down, don't you dare screw with me and my sweet baby.

then today i open my edition of the Globe which i grabbed at the store cause it's got that great photo of palin totin' arms in red white and blue bikini (see below). and inside is a photo of this woman and the black SUV and it looks exACTly like the one i saw today and exactly like the woman. the globe had a photo of her parking in a handicapped space. and as you'll see from the link, she's quite a charmer!

whore-ay for hollywood!

on the other hand,


is pretty cool. skin is always good.

Monday, September 22, 2008

it's all creepy

here's my other offering for today.


"Operation Northwoods, which had the written approval of the Chairman and every member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called for innocent people to be shot on American streets; for boats carrying refugees fleeing Cuba to be sunk on the high seas; for a wave of violent terrorism to be launched in Washington, D.C., Miami, and elsewhere. People would be framed for bombings they did not commit; planes would be hijacked. Using phony evidence, all of it would be blamed on Castro, thus giving Lemnitzer and his cabal the excuse, as well as the public and international backing, they needed to launch their war."
James Bamford, Body of Secrets


Explaining how she felt when John McCain offered her the Vice-Presidential spot, my Vice-Presidential candidate, Governor Sarah Palin, said something very profound: “I answered him ‘Yes’ because I have the confidence in that readiness and knowing that you can’t blink, you have to be wired in a way of being so committed to the mission, the mission that we’re on, reform of this country and victory in the war, you can’t blink. So I didn’t blink then even when asked to run as his running mate.”
Isn’t that so true? I know that many times, in my life, while living it, someone would come up and, because of I had good readiness, in terms of how I was wired, when they asked that—whatever they asked—I would just not blink, because, knowing that, if I did blink, or even wink, that is weakness, therefore you can’t, you just don’t. You could, but no—you aren’t.
That is just how I am.
Do you know the difference between me and a Hockey Mom who has forgot her lipstick?
A dog collar.
Do you know the difference between me and a dog collar smeared with lipstick?
Not a damn thing.
We are essentially wired identical.
So, when Barack Obama says he will put some lipstick on my pig, I am, like, Are you calling me a pig? If so, thanks! Pigs are the most non-√Člite of all barnyard animals. And also, if you put lipstick on my pig, do you know what the difference will be between that pig and a pit bull? I’ll tell you: a pit bull can easily kill a pig. And, as the pig dies, guess what the Hockey Mom is doing? Going to her car, putting on more lipstick, so that, upon returning, finding that pig dead, she once again looks identical to that pit bull, which, staying on mission, the two of them step over the dead pig, looking exactly like twins, except the pit bull is scratching his lower ass with one frantic leg, whereas the Hockey Mom is carrying an extra hockey stick in case Todd breaks his again. But both are going, like, Ha ha, where’s that dumb pig now? Dead, that’s who, and also: not a smidge of lipstick.
A lose-lose for the pig.
There’s a lesson in that, I think.

more here:

I am the Angry Auntie

The Angry Auntie, above. not my artwork. found it online, sorry for not publishing the artist's name, can't remember.
a friend of mine asked why i'm so bitter (about the family?). the thing about them is that i don't think you ever confronted your parents with things. i told my father a few years ago about some things that went down when we were little, that our stepmom did to us, thought he should know. he basically told me to get over it and deal with it myself.
the reason i brought it up is because it's the same now as it ever was, and i can't do that stuff anymore. i want life not to be bitter. i really can't go visit those guys and pretend that it's all just OK. that's what he wants. and i literally can't even manage even one more single visit or phone call with any of them. it's that fucked up. and not because of what happened in the past, but because of how they behave now.
but letting go of my fantasy of what kind of "family" i have back "home" has not been easy. if anything i'm disgusted at the fact that i feel so disappointed that i do not have sisters i can talk to, a brother who will visit me, or any of the happy hallmarky things that he and my stepmom like to pretend we have.
but all through it i've visited, sent gifts, written, made phone calls, all the while playing along and only privately asking my dad---over and over again--to please talk about things in front of the whole family. what i have wanted is for my dad to talk to my little sister and brother about the fact that melissa and i have a mother who matters. yes, she died when i was 9.

but she mattered then and she matters now. they refuse to talk about her at all and raised the kids to believe we were all one family. the kids understandably are very offended at the fact that i want recognition of my mother's importance. i mean, it was serious, they put everything away, all photos, never talked about my mother again, and now at age 40, i realize how important my mom is in my life.

she gave us so much love and caring.

i hate being the bad guy for asking that this be recognized. i have been calling my stepmom by her name for years because i really need this to be known. because of this she has frozen me out, even though i even tried to talk to her about it and let her know it takes nothing from her.

just because i care about my mother doesn't mean i want to dis anyone else. but i've just realized that anyone who really wants to get to know me, needs to know my mom is important to me.

you wouldn't think that would be so much to ask, ya know?

anyway, that's what i'm dealing with. if i didn't give a shit it wouldn't be so hard. but i do and it is. so there ya have it.

anyway, i don't have kids, but i do have a nephew and nieces. and i am, The Angry Auntie.

Creepy Award of the Day goes to...


as scooby doo used to say, zoiks!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

been there, hated that

one of the great things about being the last limb on the family tree is once everybody dies you dont have to deal with their crap any more. I have one sister who's full of shit...we say 2 words to each other every year: merry fuckin christmas. okay, 3 words.

the other sister and I have a wonderfully cynical relationship.

I know I'm fucked up. I can see the debris of fucked uppedness all around me as I move outta here. I work my way through it. of course I'm depressed and it's fun to think of how my family encouraged me to be this way. being the last limb means youre at the bottom of Shit Hill.

still and all, I enjoy my own company a lot. I enjoy the company of a few others. could be worse. I dont think I'm more fucked up than 75% of the general population and it's gettin late in the day for serious counseling.

so, I'll die fucked up. at least now I know I'll die in a cleaner place.

which reminds me of a willie nelson joke.

a man goes to the doctor after a few routine tests and the doctor says matter of factly, "your tests came back. youre not gonna make it."

"that's kinda cold, doc. isnt there anything I can do?"

"well, you could take mud baths 5 times a day."

"and you think that might turn things around?"

"no, but it'll get you used to the dirt."

Saturday, September 20, 2008


That is a lot of typing about a headline. I would disagree about the Washington Post being a conservative newspaper. If you are looking for a conservative "newspaper", check out the Moonie-owned-money-losing-enterprise- known as the Washington Times. Really would work better for you, I think. I will put the link to what I read yesterday here http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/09/19/AR2008091903604.html
You will see that this article clarifies the ad is yet another lie perpetuated by the McCain campaign. John really has lost his sad, pale, saber-rattling brain this week. If I were a video editor, I would be having a field day romping with the McCain clips. Is that not a great song title?

As much fun as I had with photogenic, tabloid-fodder Palin, she has faded to nice background graphic in the National Enquirer, not to be compared with the real, mind blowing, world -wide, front page story of the Bush administration. I couldn't have asked for a bigger kiss on the ass of George Bush. His legacy is assured I assure you. The Bush years will live forever in history. Heck of a job Brownie.

Friday, September 19, 2008

very clever

political messages printed on google's front page.  you know that customized google thing.  tim has it on his computer.  and google "news" has a section with a blaring headline, "Obama's Fannie Mae Connection...."  from the ever-conservative (sic) Washington Post.    very nice.  i think i've seen this elsewhere, too, maybe MSN's front page.    what a propoganda wallop to greet you first thing in the a.m.   just a little nudge to make you wonder.  "what about that connection? what if it's real?  maybe i should check that out.   maybe i should follow that wild goose chase of facts that can't be checked with sources who are "anonymous" and find out what's up that guy's sleeve. he's black, you know.   they really can't be trusted, those people.    or maybe i won't follow up, maybe i'll just see that it's the washington post reporting this, see?   they're a big newspaper, so they must be legitimate.    because wouldn't they get in trouble with the law for reporting lies?   a newspaper can't really do that, can they? print lies?   when a newspaper says a "source" told it, surely that means a reliable source, or one without an agenda, because would a newspaper really put its name on the line if the source wasn't good, couldn't be checked? 

"and so...that must mean that there is something to this obama thing.   because a big paper like the washington post wouldn't print something like this, if it weren't true.   if it wasn't darn sure of its sources.   

"but then again...this is the liberal media.   we all know they're liberal, all those reporters and commies and knuckleheads who write about things rather than actually doing them....so what the situation probably really is, is that there is something serious with that skinny black guy, i know there's something funny about him, i just feel it in my gut.   and the washington post is going easy on it because they're liberal after all.   and probably they have to play it safe. so there's another reason to trust what's in the washington post.   and also assume there's more to this than allegations.  where there's smoke, there's fire, after all.   

"and those libs probably feel sorry for the guy, so they probably are actually doing a favorable piece, in light of the reality of whatever those charges are.   so i would bet that, not only is there something true about the story, but that it's much deeper and more serious than they can actually report, being as they want to save face for him.   commies.   they're all overjoyed because it's a black man.  these people idolize anyone who isn't their own color, they're on this kook wagon thinking every underdog has got a heart of gold.     but i've been around black people, and i know.   out in euclid there's a lot of colored now.  and what they all say is true, they're angry people and they got an  attitude.  and if this guy gets in, there's gonna be a whole lotta black people thinking they can start running things where they have no business. 

"i mean, just stop and think about it. think about it.   all those colored people thinking they're so big all of a sudden.  you know what that'll be like.    it'll become cool to wear your hair in cornrows, or whatever those things are called.   those little tiny braids, they look so stupid, white girls are going to start doing this now, it's all gonna be about black, black, black, black.   and our kids are gonna start thinking black kids are cool, and god forbid maybe bring one of the home and well, good lord, if all this happens, we'll deal with it as it comes, god help us all. 

"the  really scary thing is those angry black women, those mean-looking low-voiced uppity bitches, with their great big behinds, and, well, those, so many of them are so heavy in front, and sometimes they wear those clothes, tight clothes that hug the buttocks, and it's just so, so...indecent....carrying their big purses, swinging their asses....they wear all those colorful loud clothes, loud, tasteless....they have no clue about style, style should be classic and refined and elegant and restrained, don't give away too much of the shop, but these women, they play up their curves and wear the bright colors and you can see them coming a mile away, Sheena queen of the jungle, i saw one of em once who was really, not bad for a black woman, she had these eyes that really frightened me, they were big and black and, but she smiled, and it made me feel like, young again, like, and that was really a bother, because i love my wife and some darkie woman like that, she's nothing, but you know, some of them display themselves in such a, such a slutty way, a man can't help thinking, and a man's got eyes and needs and i think they know what they're doing, they're teasing us, and that's just not right, it's low, it's evidence of the criminals those people are."

who was it said that news is just basically "gossip"?   thoreau?

"but the washington post, now, that's a paper.    print journalism is the most serious kind, after all.    so i'm really glad i saw that headline and did some real thinking on this.   because you've got to think.   people don't stop to do that anymore, but i'm the kind of person who makes time for it.   because it's important to keep things running smoothly in a way that's best for us all.   most people are morons.  someone's got to do it, and it ends up being people like me."

Thursday, September 18, 2008

the move

I'm 6 days into a 10 day move.

my ankles are already ready to quit. every night, covered in dust, weeding through infested places I had no idea were there. I live in a place full of stuff I used to think had potential.

I'm beginning to think a totally different guy used to live here. some guy who used to think he would start a classical brass quintet and an octoberfest chili cook-off band who dreamed about making his own boat while opening his own original art gallery.

later for all that. I'm busy enough as it is.

time to get back to work. it's closet time.

the real mccain

watching nightline on the change in mccain.

no longer the populist riding the bus known as the straight talk express, no longer the shoot from the hip speechless campaigner...starting with the bushmouth sarah speech at the RNC circus, it's become all too obvious.

karl rove has come out of retirement. the bush/cheney backroom crew is back at the wheel. mccain has signed on as the bush clone, hoping the success of the bush team will catapult him over the blast walls surrounding la casa blanca.

how nightmarish. please please, America, kill this monster.

and here's a mccain commercial promising to reform wall street.


what slime balls. what amazingly transparent bastards. the guys who created this economic disaster promise to go after the guys who created this economic disaster.

they think over 50% of america is blind. and, dammit, it may be.

this is a huge step backwards. even george couldnt kill roe v wade. if these guys get in, bye bye choice. bye bye family planning. hello abstinence only rape babies, the death of social security, the rise of those who have already made it to the top.

the rise of ruin. john and sarah fiddle around while america burns.

is this what we have to do? go all the way back to the way america was at the dawn of the 20th century so we can do all this again??? really???

saying obama voted to raise taxes 94 times...oh did he.

McCain’s campaign and the Repubulican National Committee keep putting this out there. It’s a lie.

FactCheck.org breaks down these “tax increase” votes”
Twenty-three were for measures that would have produced no tax increase at all; they were against proposed tax cuts.

Seven of the votes were in favor of measures that would have lowered taxes for many, while raising them on a relative few, either corporations or affluent individuals.

Eleven votes the GOP is counting would have increased taxes on those making more than $1 million a year - in order to fund programs such as Head Start and school nutrition programs, or veterans’ health care.

The GOP sometimes counted two, three and even four votes on the same measure. We found their tally included a total of 17 votes on seven measures, effectively padding their total by 10.
The majority of the 94 votes - 53 of them, including some mentioned above - were on budget measures, not tax bills, and would not have resulted in any tax change. Four other votes were non-binding motions related to conference report negotiations.

from http://alan.com/

thank god for alan colmes.

wow man

that's a cool picture of the sarah. is it for real?

u should check out alan colmes. there's a live stream at 1260.am and he's on from 7 to 10 pacific time so that's ..9pm to mid. and of course at the top of the hour you can hear my delightful news after the AP radio news.

they laid off a third of us last friday. i'm still standing. but really, in shock. they bought out a bunch of people as required by aftra....which is good for them, but, somehow really scary.
are you still teaching at smu? what classes?

what kinda place are you moving into? why moving? you've been in that place for how long...long long time...where was it, oak lawn? no, somewhere on the other side of town. you had a nice place, didn't you? a house? r u moving in with tori?

it's been a while since i did this blogger thing. but i wanna see photos. i can deliver some photos, as well....there are some up on the blog at juicyjuicysquishysquishy.com.

i'm sorry, that woman is scary. she's got a special needs baby? and wants to rule the fucking world? it's kinda funny you said that because tim was saying the same thing last night....that mcsame better watch out. have his food tasted, etc.

let me see if i can come up with anything more interesting than what i've already written. remember the days of emailing back when i used to sit there at kcrw and just spew on email all my complaints about the world? and i used to hector and harangue you about women, too. ah those were the days!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

that aint snow...

...on the top of denali.

that's be sugar. alaskan sugar...for vice president. sweet cream pie with all the gooey insides one could ask for. ala mode. the perfect spokeswoman for modern america, a shapely icon of justice, a blind lassie with sword in hand.

on her hip, the alaskan 'outer america' creed:

1. if it moves, shoot it.

2. if it bites back, shoot it.

3. if it threatens big oil, shoot it.

you dont even have to ask questions later. let the left do that.

then shoot em.

'it's simple...keep it stupid.'
- George Whistlehead Bush