Tuesday, October 14, 2008

this is making me so angry i'm literally crying

the Yes on Prop 2 people put up this undercover video shot at a factory farm in norco, CA

but you can watch it here, too

i never thought about this stuff until i had birds and realized how intelligent they are. now obviously hens are not all that intelligent. but are they fellow beings deserving of respect and honor for what they give to us?

how can they not be?

i truly don't understand people who believe that things are not all connected. who believe that decimating the rain forests with their miraculous cures and ancient growth, will not affect this delicately balanced system that has allowed our population to flourish.

we can blow it all up at the touch of a button and yet you have people like Lars Larson who truly believe that the world is tough and indestructible and the short-range goals of the "free market" are worth plundering what might not ever be gotten back.

how do people write off caution? do they not have kids? are they insane?

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