Friday, October 10, 2008

no, gabrielle was never naked...

...I cant even imagine surviving a sight like that.

though the first thing gail (your replacement, I think, sorta) did was take off her bra as she sat down at the console every night. sometimes she would expose herself while I was sitting right across the board and, though I wish she were liza instead, a peek is still a peek.

certainly one of things I was least impressed with about myself in those last several years was how many women I seduced in master control. I had this thing about doing it on the turn table cover in the old building and just about anywhere behind the machines in the cell block. one thing's certain, no administrative assistant was safe on my watch. it was some sort of massive mutual nervous tick I guess. we were all looking for relief from the madness that settled foglike over the new building.

speaking of which, the night liza slept on the futon was very interesting. ah, those old k*** crushes. and now quite a few of them I havent seen in half a dozen years are suddenly making me F-R-I-E-N-D-s on face book. oh goody. I dont even know how to respond half the time.

I am so over all these networking sites. leave it to the west to take a fundamental concept like friendship and turn it into what amounts to a pillow tag.


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