Wednesday, October 8, 2008

swillgut, you're so handsome

i've got a photo of you on my console that i'll have to show you on the blog. you're in the old control room at KERA (pre-prisonblock building) and you can see all the equipment on the wall behind you, you're behind the control board, everything so low-tech looking now it just shivers my timbers, and it's so sweet, the copy stand, the cart machines, the friggin demods on the panel, volume meters with the swinging needles, and i never thought i'd look at photos like this and feel nostalgia, really took it for granted then. i think of those times as some of the best in my life, sitting there waiting to hand it off to you, sneaking a beer (da boss was really mellow and only got on our case if we made it obvious like leaving bottle caps around) and putting the volume loud and eating grapes and just being completely in the moment.

i was so weirded out when you told me about doing shows in the nude, and that gabrielle did it too. did she really? wow, man. anyway it was so inspiring and by golly that door locked so on some nights i'd slip off my little black dress and slide the bolt and broadcast in the buff, and i was hot then, too. remember the night of my final exams and i passed out on the floor so tired? and sam, what was his last name, came in in the morning and found me lying there using my arm for a pillow.

i don't do radio like that no mo. i guess we gots ta grow up sometime. damn shame.

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