Tuesday, November 25, 2008

nice job, video merlin

great stuff there. what the hell is sarah thinking doing an interview in front of a turkey slaughter machine with all those heads on the ground and blood everywhere? I'm sure the hunters are beating off to that...she's their dream.

the bill oreilly piece just shows what a bastard he is. what an idiot, yelling at your producer and crew because HE doesnt understand everyday language. there's a short in his brain, 2 naked wires sparking in the breeze between his ears.

great opera voice but one question...what the fuck is up with british teeth??? did all the dentists sail on the immigrant steamers or what??? THat book's got some pages sticking out.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

simultaneous blogasm

we must have pushed publish at exactly the same time. my new one's below.

I understand parrot skewers are huge in bolivia. - amerigo

A Really bizarre Love Triangle...or quadrangle?

I sent this to my Budgie Research Yahoo Group. Wonder what they'll say.

Hi All,

Question. I really don't know what to do..thoughts welcome on this.

I have two pairs. A younger pair of budgies and an older pair.

The younger pair is Buster, who is a very small, abnormally smart budgie who gets kicked around by the rest of the birds---and Blue, who is very fluffy and fun and just wants to frolic...and likes Buster...but _really_ digs the sexually mature, roost-ruling Bob the Bird.

Bob the Bird is married to Sloopy. (Who hangs upside down from the top of the cage for long periods like a bat...so we named her Sloopy...hang on...)

The woman who gave me Sloopy (a rescue budgie) said she was a boy. Sloopy's behavior is much more like a hen's. She adores Bob and squeaks in alarm any time he leaves her side. Bob is very solicitous of Sloopy and will chase the others away from her as he shepherds her to and from areas in their play corner.

But Bob loooooooooves to flirt with Blue. And Sloopy's cere is very much a blue color....though Sloopy is a pale white/grey budgie. Tim and I have been thinking maybe Sloopy really is a boy, and wonder if Bob is so attracted to Bluebecause she can give him what Sloopy...can't?

Sloopy gets really bummed out when Bob and Blue start flirting, and Buster goes off all by himself and will just sit alone. Much unhappiness. To complicate things, Bob realized the other day that he was romantically interested in my hand. He started talking to my thumb, hopped up, and got very animated, and before too long he was swiveling away and Tim and I looked at each other and went: Uh Oh!

I shook him off, but the damage is done; every time I come around he dogs me and hops on my hand and tries to get his swerve on.

So I've taken to separating the two pairs. But they call to each other from room to room and seem to miss each other. So I'm torn. Do flocks naturally need to sort things out? Am I being unnecessarily protective of Buster and Sloopy?

thanks for your time..

everyday movement

that's interesting cause I just went to a lecture tonight about the latest in Intelligent Design. they got a law passed in louisiana to 'free classroom science from the tyranny of evolution'. which is to say opening the door to creationism in biology.

though, after many struggles in the courts, the creationists have had to evolve their language so as not to appear too christian. so, creationists went from an equal time approach to intelligent design to 'let's simply take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of darwinism'.

sounds harmless enough, right? only problem is it's eXactly the same people and money trying to get laws passed to get their little pinky toes in the door of state education. the head of the texas school board is one of these guys. he refutes the invasion publicly but they have him on video tape talking at christian conferences about the steps that "they" need to take to pull the plug on what they call "naturalism" which is the science of evolution.

they believe God needs his own little desk in america's schools.

to me, the really interesting part is how liberal movements across the board think now's the time to crush the right wing christian and family value movements of the last 30 years. the push is on. we'll see how it goes.

personally, I'd love to see gay marriage, the end of creation science and the clearing away of religious political lobbies. let's get back to the separation of church and state. get outta my bed room, get outta my head. but then, I'm a marxist leaning socialist who hates the church, so there ya go.

the concept of 'christ' is okay, but christianity went sour with the whole missionary thing. that whole disciple/spread the gospel thing is insane. spreading the gospel is the framework for spreading democracy, spreading freedom...that bullshit.

New Movement Underway to Ban Divorce.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

sarah our sarah!!!

"There ain't nothin I wouldnt do for sarah palin I wouldnt do for any other road kill!"

- amerigo vespukey

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Squabbles Between McCain & Palin camps

the ones who voted for him get it

and those who didnt got on their knees fast. they may not see the coolness, but they can sure feel the heat. aint nobody trying to keep being too righty whitey these days. I still wanna wait till barack's in office before I agree this is some kinda age of aquarius hoo hah.

right now is the best time to celebrate the coolness before the dang ultra conservative aqua vulva fetus huggers get their air back. theyve been knocked out but they aint eggsactly in the grave.

great graphic. very funny. I'll pass that one around.

jaw dropping tasteless joke anyone?

tuesday night, ohio falls to the democrats and obama puts on his suit coat to address the nation, gracefully with reserved joy. his measured steps to the mic are seen on every tv turned on. after regarding his audience with venerated respect and sweeping optimism, he shouts:


or perhaps he smiles a satchmo grin and yells:


if you want some real humor, as only the onion can deliver, try...


Saturday, November 8, 2008

People Don't Even Get How Cool It Is

nader neutered

I saw that thing and had no problem with nader's 'uncle tom' remark. it was a common complaint against black entertainers in the civil rights mvt. "he's just uncle tomming," cowtowing to the establishment.

people who are too young to remember. they think it's like using the N word. it's not. I thought shephard (?) smith blew that all out of proportion, was incredibly unprofessional in his language with an internationally famous political figure and was obviously ignorant of the history and meaning of nader's remarks.

having said that, nader may be simply too old to keep up the fight any more. or, Maybe, his priorities will begin to resonate and he'll be championed for his keep it realness in such issues as the environment and honesty in public policy. the things he's been talking about for years are priorities obama got elected on.

interesting times. I hope it doesnt blow up in our faces these next few years.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

purple nation

frankly, I'm surprised it was this close.

at least it wasnt 50/50 into the morning. we have a decided majority. the middle 50% of the nation is definitely sitting on it's left cheek this evening.

and no big controversy. it's absolutely official.

talk about a whew heard round the world.

I guess rove and cheney were tired this evening and didnt call the usual suspects, the twisters and tweakers they know in low places. it looks like mccain was willing to play with them but it wasnt totally mutual. I guess.

Monday, November 3, 2008

election erection

well, we're finally here and all I can hope is that A. a hundred million turn out for obama and B. I slip in on tuesday when the line is fairly short. dont tell anyone, but I'm gonna go at 2 knowing I have to be outta there by 4 so it better not be no 5 hour mad house or I'll have to go after I teach at 630 and That could Really be crazy.

anyway, I've been so mad busy with a house guest and major performance, I really havent paid a whole lot of attention this last week of destiny. I just hope what I'm hearing is true and that we're about to be a blue nation.

that would be sooo creamy sweet.