Tuesday, November 11, 2008

everyday movement

that's interesting cause I just went to a lecture tonight about the latest in Intelligent Design. they got a law passed in louisiana to 'free classroom science from the tyranny of evolution'. which is to say opening the door to creationism in biology.

though, after many struggles in the courts, the creationists have had to evolve their language so as not to appear too christian. so, creationists went from an equal time approach to intelligent design to 'let's simply take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of darwinism'.

sounds harmless enough, right? only problem is it's eXactly the same people and money trying to get laws passed to get their little pinky toes in the door of state education. the head of the texas school board is one of these guys. he refutes the invasion publicly but they have him on video tape talking at christian conferences about the steps that "they" need to take to pull the plug on what they call "naturalism" which is the science of evolution.

they believe God needs his own little desk in america's schools.

to me, the really interesting part is how liberal movements across the board think now's the time to crush the right wing christian and family value movements of the last 30 years. the push is on. we'll see how it goes.

personally, I'd love to see gay marriage, the end of creation science and the clearing away of religious political lobbies. let's get back to the separation of church and state. get outta my bed room, get outta my head. but then, I'm a marxist leaning socialist who hates the church, so there ya go.

the concept of 'christ' is okay, but christianity went sour with the whole missionary thing. that whole disciple/spread the gospel thing is insane. spreading the gospel is the framework for spreading democracy, spreading freedom...that bullshit.

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