Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Really bizarre Love Triangle...or quadrangle?

I sent this to my Budgie Research Yahoo Group. Wonder what they'll say.

Hi All,

Question. I really don't know what to do..thoughts welcome on this.

I have two pairs. A younger pair of budgies and an older pair.

The younger pair is Buster, who is a very small, abnormally smart budgie who gets kicked around by the rest of the birds---and Blue, who is very fluffy and fun and just wants to frolic...and likes Buster...but _really_ digs the sexually mature, roost-ruling Bob the Bird.

Bob the Bird is married to Sloopy. (Who hangs upside down from the top of the cage for long periods like a bat...so we named her Sloopy...hang on...)

The woman who gave me Sloopy (a rescue budgie) said she was a boy. Sloopy's behavior is much more like a hen's. She adores Bob and squeaks in alarm any time he leaves her side. Bob is very solicitous of Sloopy and will chase the others away from her as he shepherds her to and from areas in their play corner.

But Bob loooooooooves to flirt with Blue. And Sloopy's cere is very much a blue color....though Sloopy is a pale white/grey budgie. Tim and I have been thinking maybe Sloopy really is a boy, and wonder if Bob is so attracted to Bluebecause she can give him what Sloopy...can't?

Sloopy gets really bummed out when Bob and Blue start flirting, and Buster goes off all by himself and will just sit alone. Much unhappiness. To complicate things, Bob realized the other day that he was romantically interested in my hand. He started talking to my thumb, hopped up, and got very animated, and before too long he was swiveling away and Tim and I looked at each other and went: Uh Oh!

I shook him off, but the damage is done; every time I come around he dogs me and hops on my hand and tries to get his swerve on.

So I've taken to separating the two pairs. But they call to each other from room to room and seem to miss each other. So I'm torn. Do flocks naturally need to sort things out? Am I being unnecessarily protective of Buster and Sloopy?

thanks for your time..

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