Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Doghouse Riley Does It Again

OK, remember a few weeks ago i linked to Doghouse Riley's blog. Tim found it and we think it's purty kewl.

So in a boring moment here tonight at work, I pulled up the Doghouse Blog and was looking at it when suddenly I found myself looking at a picture

This is the first time a photo has ever come back to haunt me!!

Remember when SteveO and I went on that two week road trip up the coast? We took lots of bizarre photos, like transforming a "Turkey Crossing" sign to "Burkey Crossing" and photographing me walking across the street in front of it....and then there were some compromising photos of me and, well, Ronald McDonald.

Lo and Behold one of those nasty pictures has surfaced and it is right there on the Doghouse Blog.

no question why ronnie's got that big shiteating smile on his face, right?



Doghouse Riley said...

Just wow. Y'know, when it comes to random sequences of phantasmagoria where the occasional overlap shocks us by coincidence, I think Life is still my favorite.

No idea where I got the pic, except I don't know Steve and it came from the internets. The file date I have is October 22, 2002. I switched my blog layout a couple weeks ago, and discovered that Blogger would let me post more than one picture at a time, and I went nuts. Prior to that I'd changed one every week or so, and yours was probably the second most commented upon, after the meerkat with the sunlamp.

Anyway, thanks for the laughs and the kind words, and I'm off to return the linkage. 'Cause it's definitely the sort of situation that calls for reciprocation.

heydave said...

I saw that photo many years ago myself.

I never knew who you were, but I've always loved you.

In a non-creepy, not-really-stalking sorta way.

lowflyin lolana said...

what's even funnier is that tim, my fiance/boyfriend, was looking at the doghouse blog and actually sent me that photo a few days ago thinking i'd enjoy it (i missed opening that email tho). little did he know! he was excited to hear last night the truth about that photo.

sometimes life's gifts just keep on giving...