Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Georgio Armani Slaughterhouse

not literally, but it doesn't matter.

i'm getting close to never eating meat again. this is how living creatures are dealt with in our assembly-line world. when i see this stuff, i come away thinking that any world where chambers of horror like this exist, is a desperate and sick place. and it's just made worse by the practice of keeping unsightful truths from the eyes of those who should know what they're eating, and wearing. i used to love rabbit fur. and, as a matter of fact, i have a rabbit fur blanket at home, in different shades of blue and aqua and teal. it's beautiful and i have backed it with cerulean blue velvet.

i think every time i wrap myself in it, now, i will silently thank the spirits of those whose softness is now mine to own. but i doubt i will wear fur ever again.

Find out more about Armani on peta.org.

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heydave said...

I still don't want the garden-eating bastards living under my deck, but, shit...