Wednesday, October 15, 2008

the last debate

nice videos. tragic chicken video. I do Not understand inhumanity to animals or, for that matter, everything. respect, dudes. think about what youre doing and how it affects who you are and what you are. I dont care if it's a chicken or a rock. dont be mean to what's around you.

I wish there were more debates. I think america needs to see these guys talk At each other as much as possible. I didnt like obama laughing off mccain's bullshit. it looks condescending and it probably is. it was nice when obama addressed the stupid charges head on, whether mccain accepted the explanations or not.

I thought mccain's glassy eyed bloated exploding head was about to come off at any moment and I hope to be there when it does. he really looked like he was going to have a tizz. I'm guessing it was mostly anxiety over whether his pointless campaignerisms were going to fly or not.

they didnt with me. I'm afraid president mccain would be way to reaganistic or bushistic in global affairs. too quick to go around knocking chips off shoulders while offering our own shoulder chips to Evil. fuck the whole evil trip fuckers and the pick ups they rode in in. I sooo hope we drop the 'homeland' bullshit. one of the many things I'd like to see buried with the bush legacy. what a waste.

I'm always shocked by the floundering twisted head chickens they interview and their ultra-narrow ability to address more than one iconic thing. after the debate, there was one elder citizen on CBS who was so fixed on her fear of the economy, all she could talk about was how important it is to freeze spending. she seemed to be a depression baby and I imagine it was drilled into her at an early age, "have not, spend not".

that's the advice you give children about things like cookies and lipstick.

not terribly creative thinking in the face of international adversity.

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lowflyin lolana said...

so great when you're cranking out reactions to the Shit Machine's political spew....words are just words but when you put them together the way you do, they rub up against each other and ideas explode like fireworks.

caller to Alan Colmes' "Radio Graffiti"--"i poop on both of you." Colmes--"that's.....real nice."

hey, i told steve0's sister you said hi. ya know you could send her an invite to the blog, maybe she'd like to write. i don't know if she's into that kind of thing.