Friday, October 24, 2008

Bill Ayers' Blog

If you want to go somewhere to see hate spewing, go to Bill Ayer's blog.

Guess where you'll see the eruptions of spewing hate?
You guessed it. the comments section.

Just a little peek into the American psyche on this Friday, October 24, 2008.

I have this terrible sense of worry about the election and the climate in this country.

And then today, beautiful, black famously talented actress Jennifer Hudson's mother and brother are killed (and guess where they're from...Chicago) I'm using the Propoganda Channel link to the story because of all the news channels, they were the only ones who covered this story today as it broke.

I got my issues with those people, but Shep Smith has always impressed me as a credible newsman precisely because he's bucked their Propoganda Ops people on the air. Gotta find a link for that. It was during Katrina and it was amazing.

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