Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain Aide's Firm on Freddie Mac's Payroll

suckier and suckier by the day.

anyone hear obama speak?

no wonder mccain doesn't want to have the debate friday. what a chickenshit. obama will whip his ass all over the place and the bushies know it.

there's really nowhere to hide. but what someone here said before was right. once they brought in the rove machine (same one that once gave mccain the royal smackdown shit treatment) things turned around for him.


Hillbilly Beau Monde said...

Ooooh, how I pray Ol' Pepaw McChicken's soiling his Depends as we speak (knock on wood). It's either this revelation that's making him want to weasel his way out of the first debate, or they need more time to prep the 'Alaska Disasta' (thank you, BUST magazine!) for the VP debate next week...

lowflyin lolana said...

the i'll-ask-her disaster. yeah. good one.