Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike cometh

sitting here, practicing, watching streaming video of IKE from houston's abc affiliate.

tough slogging. the radar proves this dude is as big as katrina without the huge wind punch. still, galveston under water and we're (dallas) expecting massive floods of rain by tomorrow afternoon. ike's a major slow blow.

good thing I'm not trying to move this weekend as I Will be next weekend. the point of which is divesting myself of 24 years of accumulated crap. if I expire in the process, let my experience be an example to the future: once a year, jettison stuff you really dont need. I took a hundred hard back books to half price tonight, trading a thousand dollar investment for 80 bucks, thinking, 'what the hell do you need books for, man? ever heard of libraries?!? what part of free escapes you?'

bags and bags of clothes to goodwill, tons and tons of crap for the curb.

since I'm a die hard collector, I'm really emphasizing the necessity of living simply without clutter, which means devaluing the collections themselves. cameras, kites, conversation oddities, things of dubious historical significance, visual art resources. screw it all. pick it up and put it in the right bag, buhbye.

I'm trying to be as blind as possible.

I wonder if barack and michelle will have to go through this when they move into the white house.

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