Thursday, September 18, 2008

wow man

that's a cool picture of the sarah. is it for real?

u should check out alan colmes. there's a live stream at and he's on from 7 to 10 pacific time so that's ..9pm to mid. and of course at the top of the hour you can hear my delightful news after the AP radio news.

they laid off a third of us last friday. i'm still standing. but really, in shock. they bought out a bunch of people as required by aftra....which is good for them, but, somehow really scary.
are you still teaching at smu? what classes?

what kinda place are you moving into? why moving? you've been in that place for how long...long long time...where was it, oak lawn? no, somewhere on the other side of town. you had a nice place, didn't you? a house? r u moving in with tori?

it's been a while since i did this blogger thing. but i wanna see photos. i can deliver some photos, as well....there are some up on the blog at

i'm sorry, that woman is scary. she's got a special needs baby? and wants to rule the fucking world? it's kinda funny you said that because tim was saying the same thing last night....that mcsame better watch out. have his food tasted, etc.

let me see if i can come up with anything more interesting than what i've already written. remember the days of emailing back when i used to sit there at kcrw and just spew on email all my complaints about the world? and i used to hector and harangue you about women, too. ah those were the days!

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