Sunday, September 14, 2008

we jumped out de way

well, well. barely an Ike sprinkle. pretty clouds...bye bye.

my sister in north central arkansas got more rain than we did. oh well. weather is such a tease. I'm not complaining. in fact, I'd rather have the excitement of what if followed by not really.

galveston and houston caught major hell. dallas has such awesome karma, right?

it's a snooze but everything's okay. the climate, the economy, the arts, the people... we're just alright. dallas is just alright with me, dallas is just alright, oh yeah.

in fact, we dont really sing that much here so we cant even have a theme song.

dallas, the oh well capital of the southwest midwest or eastern south or the 4th most interesting city in texas or something. I dont know...somewhere between the 3rd to 5th. it's just so plastic.

we're sorta the LA of texas maybe. we're the st.paul of minneapolis or maybe the tulsa of oklahoma? are we the bakersfield?

how interesting is dallas in terms of texas cities in your eyes?

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Hillbilly Beau Monde said...

My hipper-than-thou Austin friends call Dallas 'Douche-n'bach, Texas,' but hell, they should talk. North Austin has out-Plano'd even Plano, and downtown Austin...well, I won't even go there.

Other than that, you're right, Dallas is the ultimate in plastic-and-not-so-fantastic. Thank you Jeezus for drugs and alcohol...