Thursday, September 18, 2008

the move

I'm 6 days into a 10 day move.

my ankles are already ready to quit. every night, covered in dust, weeding through infested places I had no idea were there. I live in a place full of stuff I used to think had potential.

I'm beginning to think a totally different guy used to live here. some guy who used to think he would start a classical brass quintet and an octoberfest chili cook-off band who dreamed about making his own boat while opening his own original art gallery.

later for all that. I'm busy enough as it is.

time to get back to work. it's closet time.

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lowflyin lolana said...

wow, sounds like a real soul excavation you've got going down over there.

i'm dealing with the same thing. half my stuff is in storage (from when i lived in santa monica) and i have all this other stuff accumulated that is nice stuff, i can see why i once liked it. seems a shame to throw it away but do i really need three pairs of shearling boots? i mean, come on. i never wear the hot pink ones...but they're so cute on and i hate to toss them because they're still so soft and comfy inside. and winter is coming again after all. and i might need that leather coat i never wore a lot because it fit a little too tightly in the shoulders. a girl's gotta have room to move. but she's gotta look good, too.

it's a tough world...