Thursday, September 11, 2008

buttiful, buttiful days

i like the name of this blog, bro. have you talked to steveo lately?

in a way it's not surprising what happened to him....he found the hypocrisy so overwhelming....

lately i appreciate more how creatively lush my years with him were, even if they were dysfuctional. what he did do was channel the wild raging waters and catch them in a shining pool and splash around. it is so rare to meet someone who can just lose himself in creative impulse and i learned a lot from him.

you too. you are just like that, too. lately i have been missing your shows on KERA. some of those overnight shows were just transcendent. dallas really didn't know what it had....and it's gone now...

real music radio is gone. just gone. is there anything at all to listen to in the big D?

is there anything online to listen to that you like?

what kind of music is coming from the House of Kim?

tell me stuff. tell me anything. i am only hiding under my desk tonight. and i'm going home and hide under the bed. i wish i could laugh more at this election stuff but it is really freaking me out. in fact, i haven't been listening to any of it, because those two stolen elections really knocked the hope out of me. i don't even dare to hope anymore that there will be some sanity.

sorry, i'm a fucking drag today. i'll refresh my psyche with a dash of tim and a splash of gin and see you in the morning.

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