Thursday, September 4, 2008

Palin Tail

okay...since I've already spent so many hours rebutting sarah palin's speech, first on the treadmill while it was happening, spilling over into the pool and finally in my 30 minute drive home, I'm pretty much over it for the moment.

I dont even wanna say anything else, but how can I not given the significance of the event. that's the thing about this election. it's one of the few in my lifetime that deServes attention. even the heartbreak cheatin ass mofo of the two bush elections arent as interesting because, let's face it, the democrats put up a couple of railroad ties. at least bush did a little dance on the end of his leash. gore and kerry were so totally uncharismatic, I for one didnt even wanna be seen with either one.

that's basically it. you Have to have interesting characters on that stage. reagan wasnt any kind of great philosophical strategerist. he was no great statesmen. if youre in his cult or think he was a lincoln or even eisenhower, you've been deluded by other reagan cult members. But...he played the part fairly well. it was the best portrayal of his acting career. he was a hollywood salesman, a commercial smile, a used car kinda guy who sold various products when his film career failed. That's what got him elected and that's what put him in the big chair.

like I said, I've already killed palin and mccain a hundred times in the pool and driving around. either you bought her shit or you didnt. I dont want anything else to do with it. I'd rather not be seen with Her either.

more later. ad infinitum over the next month I'm sure.

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lowflyin lolana said...

she scares me deeply. certifiable.
i know her type. too well, unfortunately. that smile makes me want a draino cocktail and right now, please.