Friday, September 12, 2008

dallas radio

to address your earlier question, there's no reason to turn on the radio in dallas. I still listen to a few talk stations only because I dont know eXactly what's going to happen. no, there's no magic and nothing music radio is capable of anywhere in dallas. even webcasts are vastly overrated.

predictable media is a huge bore.

one long sigh. there's a format for ya. tune in and listen to one long sigh between commercials. their only competition is the snoring station, Duh Zee.

a mcdonald's spot followed by aikman ford followed by the current sale at home depot followed by the same mcdonald's commercial and 30 seconds of what's coming up next on the snoring station. then 5 minutes of zzz zzz zzz zzz followed by another 9 minutes of mcdonald's, home depot and what's coming up on Duh Zee.

"stay with us next hour on Duh Zee as sir anthony hopkins takes a 5 minute nap and, saturday morning at 10, uninterrupted coverage of president bush drifting off during his weekly radio address. tired of same old same old? not your usual drone. we are...Duh Zee zee zee."

if I had mark cuban's money and a year of nothing to do, I would seriously be into being the p.d. of Duh Freakin Zee.

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