Friday, September 19, 2008

very clever

political messages printed on google's front page.  you know that customized google thing.  tim has it on his computer.  and google "news" has a section with a blaring headline, "Obama's Fannie Mae Connection...."  from the ever-conservative (sic) Washington Post.    very nice.  i think i've seen this elsewhere, too, maybe MSN's front page.    what a propoganda wallop to greet you first thing in the a.m.   just a little nudge to make you wonder.  "what about that connection? what if it's real?  maybe i should check that out.   maybe i should follow that wild goose chase of facts that can't be checked with sources who are "anonymous" and find out what's up that guy's sleeve. he's black, you know.   they really can't be trusted, those people.    or maybe i won't follow up, maybe i'll just see that it's the washington post reporting this, see?   they're a big newspaper, so they must be legitimate.    because wouldn't they get in trouble with the law for reporting lies?   a newspaper can't really do that, can they? print lies?   when a newspaper says a "source" told it, surely that means a reliable source, or one without an agenda, because would a newspaper really put its name on the line if the source wasn't good, couldn't be checked? 

"and so...that must mean that there is something to this obama thing.   because a big paper like the washington post wouldn't print something like this, if it weren't true.   if it wasn't darn sure of its sources.   

"but then again...this is the liberal media.   we all know they're liberal, all those reporters and commies and knuckleheads who write about things rather than actually doing what the situation probably really is, is that there is something serious with that skinny black guy, i know there's something funny about him, i just feel it in my gut.   and the washington post is going easy on it because they're liberal after all.   and probably they have to play it safe. so there's another reason to trust what's in the washington post.   and also assume there's more to this than allegations.  where there's smoke, there's fire, after all.   

"and those libs probably feel sorry for the guy, so they probably are actually doing a favorable piece, in light of the reality of whatever those charges are.   so i would bet that, not only is there something true about the story, but that it's much deeper and more serious than they can actually report, being as they want to save face for him.   commies.   they're all overjoyed because it's a black man.  these people idolize anyone who isn't their own color, they're on this kook wagon thinking every underdog has got a heart of gold.     but i've been around black people, and i know.   out in euclid there's a lot of colored now.  and what they all say is true, they're angry people and they got an  attitude.  and if this guy gets in, there's gonna be a whole lotta black people thinking they can start running things where they have no business. 

"i mean, just stop and think about it. think about it.   all those colored people thinking they're so big all of a sudden.  you know what that'll be like.    it'll become cool to wear your hair in cornrows, or whatever those things are called.   those little tiny braids, they look so stupid, white girls are going to start doing this now, it's all gonna be about black, black, black, black.   and our kids are gonna start thinking black kids are cool, and god forbid maybe bring one of the home and well, good lord, if all this happens, we'll deal with it as it comes, god help us all. 

"the  really scary thing is those angry black women, those mean-looking low-voiced uppity bitches, with their great big behinds, and, well, those, so many of them are so heavy in front, and sometimes they wear those clothes, tight clothes that hug the buttocks, and it's just so, so...indecent....carrying their big purses, swinging their asses....they wear all those colorful loud clothes, loud, tasteless....they have no clue about style, style should be classic and refined and elegant and restrained, don't give away too much of the shop, but these women, they play up their curves and wear the bright colors and you can see them coming a mile away, Sheena queen of the jungle, i saw one of em once who was really, not bad for a black woman, she had these eyes that really frightened me, they were big and black and, but she smiled, and it made me feel like, young again, like, and that was really a bother, because i love my wife and some darkie woman like that, she's nothing, but you know, some of them display themselves in such a, such a slutty way, a man can't help thinking, and a man's got eyes and needs and i think they know what they're doing, they're teasing us, and that's just not right, it's low, it's evidence of the criminals those people are."

who was it said that news is just basically "gossip"?   thoreau?

"but the washington post, now, that's a paper.    print journalism is the most serious kind, after all.    so i'm really glad i saw that headline and did some real thinking on this.   because you've got to think.   people don't stop to do that anymore, but i'm the kind of person who makes time for it.   because it's important to keep things running smoothly in a way that's best for us all.   most people are morons.  someone's got to do it, and it ends up being people like me."

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