Thursday, September 4, 2008

another celebrity sacrifice idea

if you havent seen the post below, this is a follow up.

the rolling stones. the show finds one of their original touring buses from their early years in england. it just has to be large enough for them to do a concert standing on top of the bus.

only they may have a bit of a problem cause, in fact, they have time to do maybe 2, 3 songs before the bus begins to roll. very slowly at first but gradually picking up speed to where, by the end of the next song, they've worked up to roughly 20 miles per hour. manageable as long as we're rolling a straight stretch.

unfortunately for mic and keith and the boys, we're about to accelerate till, one by one, each member of the world's greatest rock and roll band succumb and are seen flying off the back of the bus until all have bitten a bit of highway one. I somehow doubt even the interminable keith richards survives though I wouldnt bet on it.

he may be old and wrinkled...but he's wiry.

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