Monday, December 15, 2008

every day is Friday!

well, well...the true teacher's reward is christmas break, the great hibernation between the noise of fall and spring semesters. when every day is friday and full of sleep uninterrupted by classroom concerns and administrator nightmares. when there seems to be justice in the world cause youre doing what you truly wanna do and getting paid for it.

at first I had no compass, like an old woman in the grocery store without a list, like a young man in the park without a ball. then I successfully designed and built a wheeled frame for my keyboard stand. now I can move my shit around the fine arts building without taking it apart every time.

this morning I made my xmas card and am ready to make music and play hours of video games.

this weekend I'll be headed to taos for 2 weeks where the only advice I've been given is 'dont forget your snow boots'. the ski report says they have 31 inches of natural snow on the slopes. it's snowed 9 inches in the last 3 days.

I'm ready to go blind.

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