Sunday, December 21, 2008

the dull

it's really hard to believe after all the angst and comedy of the long desperate bush era that it's all coming to a dull conclusion.

mr.kneejerk-expedient-whatever he's having-you'll have to ask someone who knows what's going on-sorry I just work here-if you need me I'll be in my oval office trying to keep my head down-well, if you think that's what we need to do-what? chicken salad again???-why cant we take vacations like we used to?-I dont know I just dont know-what's his name again?-who am I this time?-stop punching me, dick, seriously I'm gonna lose my drink it's not funny- is Finally going away.

people thought jimmy carter was smart but clueless. he's now one of our highest profile loose cannon statesmen. clinton was loved and hated but continues to be in the public eye doing Something significant (even if clumsy politically at times) almost daily.

so, my question is...while Junior is busy trying to moderate his 'blow em to bits who cares' legacy, what will he be doing a year from now, 10 years from now? will he be visiting orphan centers in swebubi? will he be tromping the boards for middle east buffalo rights? will he be sitting on some arabic yacht waiting for shrimp? will he still be controversial or the target of 'where are they now' stories just after the local news?

if he's not going to be testifying at his own war crimes trial in the hague, will anyone care? politicians have an unfortunate way of letting each other off the hook. what about us, the ones who will continue to suffer from his administration's policies? what about the people who will die in the street tonight because the right has taken a hands off policy on human needs and rights?

when supply and demand demands we supply greed whatever it needs. when people in free fall who had houses and jobs that paid a decent wage are now looking up at the tens of millions who have their heads turned away so they dont have to see the pit theyre about to fall into, too.

and to think I almost bought a house last year because it represented a sweet nest that's mine all mine, not knowing if I'd be able to afford it in the years ahead cause who knows what the fuck mortgage companies are capable of? oh, I'm sorry, you didnt see that line where it says you have to pay double cause we want you to on page 275 in your contract? I'm sorry...lots of folks miss that. my supervisor calls it the suicide clause. would you like to talk to him? let me put you on hold. he'll be with you when he gets back from london. yes, hang on thank you for calling the monster this morning.

the free market (or slave market, as it were) isnt about good companies getting better or setting an example others will follow because we reward their goodness with our business. it's about lucrative bad companies showing the rest of them how to put on a happy face while screwing their customers in ways they dont know about. with cheap crap that looks so shiny it seems like a great deal, shit that breaks as soon as you open it but it was so cheap you dont really care...with hidden gotchas in billing practices...with community service ads and interviews talking about how much they care while making employment so unattractive only the desperate will apply.

will any of this change in the new year? will we finally have a president who makes things better as opposed to actively looking for ways to make them worse for all but the few despots pulling his strings?

dont think it couldnt get worse. them's be famous last words. let's hope the good people who celebrated the obama sun rise have continued reason to celebrate. let's hope He finds a way to pull those people back from the brink of the bush sinkhole.


lowflyin lolana said...
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lowflyin lolana said...

you said it:
"when people in free fall who had houses and jobs that paid a decent wage are now looking up at the tens of millions who have their heads turned away so they dont have to see the pit theyre about to fall into, too."

these people have reaaaaaaaaaaally fucked things up and it's gonna take a lot more than one barak obama to unfuck them. that being said, the doom and gloom is rising on every side and the Cons are beating the drum now saying the end is near...what's actually near, is the end of their fucking party.

so on the one hand you've finally got mainstream acknowledgement of how fucked up things are, finally finally. partly because it's too bad to ignore.

but also partly because the wingnuts want people to be Aware of the Badness of things with the coming of Obama.

they're scared because the end of their money party could be at hand. so they are screaming bloody murder.

at the very things they THEMSELVES have done.

...they're clever, but i'm still amazed that people think: 1) that you can get news from TV

and 2) the answer to every problem is to 1)borrow and spend money and 2) go to war.

lowflyin lolana said...

this was really a great post. you should write more.

i've been reading some businessweek stories and stuff, on you should do more projects for it...if ya want.

yeah, owning a house. i've never been able to imagine it. but at the same time, i'm glad i don't have to fuck with the problems that owning a house seem to bring. yeah, rent is pissing away money; but yeah, repairs, selling if you have to move, all that complicated's just insane. and the commercials for homeloans in the past years sounded....shady and creepy. there was one guy, the countrywide guy, who just sounded like a sleazebag when he said "it's the biggest no-brainer in the history of mankind" ....i would get chills thinking, "this man's a total crook"....then they indicted him....

funny what you can hear in a person's voice....his voice alone may have convinced me that the mortgage biz was a nasty net i needed to avoid....wish i could have been as prescient about credit card debt. ouch.