Friday, June 19, 2009

Youtube Comments on Jon Voight speech

Youtube comments include:

HippiesAreNazis, it's as if you have no ability to think beyond the blanket statements you're making. Not ALL art, music, entertainment, writers, etc are "liberals." Are you Bill O'Reilly? You seem to throw around the word "looney" the way he does

You're right when you say this country has a one party system, this one party system is composed of 2 factions: Republicans & Democrats. Together, they form the Business Party.Nothing truly liberal ever gets expressed either in media or by Democrats
BloodMoneyConglomera (3 hours ago) Show Hide 0 Marked as spam Reply | Spam HippiesAreNazis, the dumbest thing I've ever seen is the idea that "hippies are Nazis." You are wrong when you say "99%" of Hollywood is liberal. Besides the actors like Jon Voigt, Bruce Willis, & Kelsey Grammar, there are plenty of producers, directors and studio executives are unabashedly Republican.

The media definitely are not liberal: to prove this fact, just follow the media's money trail. The education system, like colleges, should be liberal: where else will you hear something liberal

"the reformed" says
everything either of these 2 parties expresses is liberal under the new meaning of the term. Conservatives are the true liberals. They believe in personal freedoms. 2days liberals believe in gov't intrusion and control

and Bloodmoneyconglomera comes back:

oh no! Ypu're not going to convince me that the conservative ideology of letting businesses do whatever they want with people is in any way "liberal." I've seen this argument many times before. Just because you're in favor of liberalizing businessa and the economy does not mean that "liberty" is something the masses enjoy the benefits of! Neoliberalism is not freedom. Neoliberalism is tyranny and corporate feudalism.

Govt is an instrument of the people, not an alien entity

I'm sure you don't need me to tell you which one I agree with.
what I really dig is that I can come in here to work, do my business, and have some time in between feeds where I can play with this great fabulous toy that sits right in front of me all day. When I feel a little guilty for being such a cyber cowboy during my shift, poking into the dark holes of people's fucked-up minds as a diversion, I tell myself, wouldn't any rational person, trapped in front of such a portal all day, use it? Surely they don't expect me to have it here and not play with it, right?


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