Thursday, June 18, 2009

makes me wanna be a republican

I dont understand how stories like this can go out there, especially the CBS cut, and nothing happens. I guess everyone says, "not my job" and let's it go. of course the people who Shouldnt let it go: congress and the senate. if the president doesnt step up and say "go get em", congress just sits on its hands and does whatever it was doing before.

hopefully, obama will do just that. I've been loving his proposals. now let's see how good he is at attacking the idiots who dont care about defense budget madness. his body does look a little like a great dance.

let's have a look at those teeth.

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lowflyin lolana said...

Congress people must just be like dogs, sniffing to see what kind of tidbits they can get to keep themselves going in office. After that comes whatever's left over for "serving the people" at least for the decent ones.

I am in a hella dark mood today, so you'll probably hear some bitching and moaning about something sooner or later.

Just a headsup.