Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Iran, You ran, we all ran for Iran

will Iranians do it again? they know how to revolt. they have the numbers, but do they have to power to stand toe to toe with the political and police forces against them. it'll be interesting to see what the religious leaders do and if certain factions join the students and activists.

I havent been following it like I should, but it's certainly the lead right now.

if america cant keep elections honest, I mean wow. prediction: when america becomes 30% hispanic and latin blood makes itself known we may see a much more volatile political watch dog element arise. know what I mean? when we become a more passionate people, how will our passions change us? or will latinos become too norte americano to feel the romance of their genes any more?

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lowflyin lolana said...

boy, when Whitey hears what you just said, it is an ugly day indeed. People seem to get very uptight about not being the Dominant ones.

I like the soothingly familiar just as much as anyone but it does get boring. Why people don't embrace the "other" but instead go into freakout mode over people who are different, beats me.