Monday, June 29, 2009

The Father, Son, and the Holy Handgun

Over 200 people participated in "Bring Your Gun to Church Day" in Louisville, Kentucky.

thanks to bob cesca whose only comment was, "sweet merciful crap."

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swillgut baconface said...

yes...this is of course nazi bullshit propaganda at work. 'oh, god, he's on the left he wants our guns.'

what a crock. I love my guns and cannot imagine an america without that anarchistic vibe of everyone armed and ready in true revolutionary fashion.

personally, I dont think the 2nd amendment writers thought there would Be a large standing army in america.

it would be like it was then: people would show up to fight when needed and go back to their families when the fight was over. they didnt want anything to do with the british way of enslaving commoners to man their ships and guns. that was one thing they wanted to get away from.

what would america be like if we were a militia rather than military culture?