Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Amazing Atheist on Jews and White Supremacy


swillgut baconface said...

my only problem with this guy is his production methods...specifically having his script sitting there on his left and running the fence between "I'm an entertainer, no I'm a writer, no..." take a cue from teleprompters...have your script to the left, right and right under your camera. better yet, get your act together and digest the material so you dont need a script.

I'm sensitive to this only because I like what he's saying and want him to be effective with the material. I keep getting distracted by his delivery of 'material' rather than the message.

Lowflyin' Lolana said...

Go look at him on youtube then. He's got a ton of videos. I liked him too, but one video he did ripping into a young silly girl, really pissed me off. He was just a bullying asshole and I posted a comment to that effect. However, he's interesting, huh. I'm not sure why I like him, but I guess it's because I agree with him, despite the fact that he's got a real Rush Limbaugh kind of delivery.