Monday, June 15, 2009


An engineer guy at a radio station I do traffic for was very earnestly telling me how credible he thinks our major news networks are in terms of covering important stories.

I was tempted to send him this link, but instead will post it here. Resolution 2009:

Don't Try To Convince People Of Things They Don't Want To Know.

This is a major weakness of mine. I think if I just provide evidence and facts and logic, that people (like my neocon-lovin Dad) will see, and go, "Oh, I see where you're coming from." It'll never happen! Get over it! Move on!!

I just can't go there anymore. Let people figure it out for themselves. Compulsive truthtelling is still compulsive.

Thank god for it though. you know?

CNN Fail

CNN blew it for me during the Iraq war, in fact all of them did, even NPR. At least NPR picked up the Iran story this weekend.

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