Tuesday, June 16, 2009

humanity's one hope

I'm on both sides of the see saw because I've seen what I saw.

with such instant transmission of sight and sound from any and every place that has cell capability, how can any government get away with foul play any more?

it may take a few more years to bring important coordinating sites on line...you know, like a cspan of the major urban streets or the real reality show of politicians saying sexist and racist stuff while there kid is standing close enough to get it in living color and sound.

on the one hand I dont like a society where Everything is on the record and open to interpretation outta context. a lot of innocent people will get hung when they're just goofing around. but the real bad guys will have no place to hide.

can you imagine if some CIA guy decided hey I'm gonna capture everything during interogations or secret meetings, lost it and it got picked up by some 14 year old who thought it would be really cool to put it up on youtube that night?

talk about transparency. that's the kind of transparency I'd like to see through. as long as it doesnt erode our behind closed doors individual privacty. but man what a line that is.

what individual? who gets privacy and who doesnt? who's to say? once something fundamental changes, can it be changed back? once we get all the gay issues "settled", what'll be next on the dont ask/dont tell agenda in america?

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lowflyin lolana said...

beautifully put and this is the twisty tale we all have to tell ourselves isn't it.

we all can go write on the wall now for everyone to see, when we go to that dark featureless place in our heads that the glowing screen sets before us. but anyone can see the writing and the wizard has got a line on every word that comes from every where. eyes in the sky take the measure of every feature on every street and map it out photographically on the neverending wall. and that's just now. later, who knows? will they find a way to get further into our heads?

but i'll gladly trade some of my thoughts for the thoughts of others if they're there at the flick of the keys. in my younger days (like when i knew you...remember how email was brave and new and we had it at work? haha remember the email "abby" goldstein sent me? hehehehe. frickin hilarious) i always wished for something like the internet. a magic box you type in the question and up comes the answer.

it makes the world seem to me like a tighter sphere with windows into every room and we can see each other so clearly. i love it. i love that the wall is endless and we can rove it endlessly. i love finding gems and i fear the scariness of its seduction..that is, the seduction of a separate reality we call cyberspace where the mysteriously human parts of any exchange are reduced to text..but video will be here like lightning and these windows will be even more revealing and impressive.

which i hope will be good for all of us. you know this century is the first time in human history (that we know of) that human beings have the capacity to destroy the earth totally. we have definitely left eden.

something like this is the only thing that could possibly get us back.