Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sorry. No Facebook for Moi.

I just can't do it. I just can't go there and look at those little white boxes. I especially hated the box that wouldn't go away showing "people I might know."

Some of those people I do know, but do not want to know any better, and it's surely mutual.
It's not that they're not great people. Really. But I'm feeling kind of protective about my life these days. I don't want to broadcast the inane minutia. And since I don't have much but that lately, what I can offer is some artwork and writing, but somehow, in those little white boxes, it seems ....lame.... which it may very well be in the eyes of some, and I'm not interested in casting my pearls before swine. If that's what they are. Just because they're my pearls, doesn't mean they're not someone else's obsessive spewing. "Spewtards" I think you coined that one. Didn't you? I don't think that would have come from me.

Hey, who's this Hillbilly Beau Monde? I like the photo. Very sorta Willie Nelson but then it's a chick, isn't it? One of your girlies? ;D I'm just teasing. I know how you've settled down from those days when you liked to look at the ladies.

Plus I hate those white boxes. At least you can pimp out Myspace.

And as for "what are you doing right now." That's maybe the worst. Watch what you ask for.
"I'm scratching my ass."

then there's this:
Did you know that if you buy a book, say, on “Natural Cures for Erectile Disfunction” it will show up in your Facebook profile? Sure, Amazon will give you a chance to “opt-out” but if you fail to do so, it shows up by default.

Sorry. A lot of it is just creepy. But my least favorite part is the people who keep trying to sell me on it. And when I say I don't do it they look at me as if I'm a martian.
I'm used to that, though.
Maybe even enjoy it by now.

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