Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Photos From the Archives


swillgut baconface said...

cool stuff. I dont know if I have Any of the art from the little shack. somewhere Maybe.

I so enjoyed infesting that studio with creative crap...sharks hanging from the ceiling, tiny copies of the hosts in holes on the board, weird shit hanging on the cabinets.

I look back now and I think, man, I overdid it, but I remember thinking, "come on, people, this place is funky...let's Really funk it out!"

Lowflyin' Lolana said...

That place was the coolest control room I've ever worked in hands down. I'll never forget getting there and seeing all those little pictures in the holes and thinking, wonder if I'll get my picture in a hole too?

And then I did and it was a beautiful thing.

Remember the Dwight Yoakum life sized cardboard cutout, that we adorned with something new every day? Chili peppers tucked between his legs, drawn on moustache and the other obvious stuff, I remember every day, Dwight got weirder and weirder until finally Luchsinger came through and carried him out because some members of the Capital Group were coming through on a tour and management didn't think they'd understand..

(When the Cap Group did come, three of them were Japanese gentlemen and one, who was sort of handsome, gave me his card and said he came to Dallas frequently and too call him anytime. I didn't, but thought about it.)