Wednesday, March 31, 2010

beyond all that...

I appreciate the nice things you've said about me and I remember having too much fun talking with you and hanging out at the station. you were obviously one of the cool people among mostly radio goobs. and of course I had a crush on you cause were a smart cute chick on the radio. major draw. and you didnt have the whole liza socialite hip chick thing. not a major draw.

not that I didnt have a crush on liza. who didnt? and there in lies the problem. I have little use for truly popular anything or anyone. once someone becomes a "kiss my feet" celebrity I'm out.

you were real, humble, fun, devoted to the music and audience, easy to talk to in all the right ways. all good stuff. it's all good. soon after you left the foundation fell apart. it wasnt hell yet but it had the ice berg in its sights.

again...all of which is good cause I'm really living the mission life now without commercial interruption and, as we know, PBS is really struggling to keep their mission in front of them.

at least here. theyre producing more but it's either boring as hell or so amateur it hurts.

right here.

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