Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Good Times

You know, those evenings at KERA were the best fun I ever had at a job in my life. Remember? We'd have wine and cheese, shoot the breeze, play some tunes, howl at the moon. Then one day one of your weird friends came ambling with a video camera to shoot your show and we all ended up sitting around til 5am, and then I moved to California with him. Why not?

You had a great show then, one of the best I've heard on radio, ever. Did you record any of those shows? I remember the long stretches of jazz mixed with esoteric ranting and rambling, the low notes strung through the hot August nights, the Dallas artists who dropped by and and dropped in and dropped jewels of information into the show, all in a flow that made sense, because rhythm is one thing you had, a sense of the movement of sound and the silence between sounds that decides so much about how sound echoes in the brain. The context, the frame of a sound, the pauses of listening, the pegging needles from laughter, the unpredictableness of a radio station where the suits were fast asleep in Turtle Creek and nobody cared whether things were irregular. Those were great programs and great days. Seven fifty an hour and loving every minute of it. Standing up at shows and kicking off the live music, what a kick. The kind of job that's not a job, that everyone dreams about. And the music was like a dream strung through my days and I have never since been able to surround my mind with music and rhythm like that. I've been searching for that world since I left it, but it evaporated behind me.

What's the latest with the new music station? Did they start up?

Any good?

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