Thursday, March 25, 2010

giving away the treasure

same thing happened here. I offered many times to take the jazz library to smu so it could retain its integrity and actually serve the community. anti-christ craig a wouldnt listen let alone understand what an important thing an archive IS.

then the day came when the whole thing was in the hall, the kitchen, out into the alley. it had already been picked over. I loaded up the trunk and watched it trickle away. what a cultural waste. so the jazz collection wouldnt be lonely, the classical collection was right along side it.

cause youre right. I dont hate the corporate administration process lightly. it screws up the priorities and squeezes whatever humanity and cultural awareness administrators Might have if it werent for their job priorities...paper pushing, yes man no man, profit margins, worthless meetings, meaningless productivity goals...and all the goddam politics the environment demands.

I understand it less now than I did 25 years ago.