Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I never pick up the phone

in fact I've never given my 'new' home phone to anyone so I Know any telemarketing calls were sold to them by ATT and it started within a week of installing the line. jerkwads.

the only time I use it is to call out unless I'm pretty sure it's tory.

exception...when I feel like having fun with the poor sap calling from wherever. if it's a machine of course I just hang up, but if it's a real person I put on a voice and reeeeallly fuck with em.

I love pretending I'm a geezer who cant hear. "WHAT??? WHO'S CALLING??? JUST A SECOND, I DROPPED MY JUICE. NOW WHAT??? WHO'S CALLING???"

or I'm Mexican. "Que? Jose? Thees ees Pedro? Quando quando quando? Si, Jose?" I just keep going till they hang up.

or pretend I'm really interested. this is my favorite. "hang on a second, lemme get a pencil." put the phone down and pretend to be desperately looking, calling from a distance, "dont hang up I'll be right back..." one time I kept that up for 30 seconds came back to the phone and asked, "still there? now who is this again? can you spell that for me?" keep it up till theyre frustrated as hell, then say, "shit, that's the other line, can you hang on?" mute the phone and walk away.

give those assholes something to talk about on break.

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