Friday, March 26, 2010

healthcare stargate

I'm hoping the healthcare bill survives for one start moving forward.

is this related to what we've been talking about? in at least one way: to prove to liberals and progressives that we Can make positive changes and move this country forward. now theyre talking about regulating the banking industry, then push education reform.

taken all together that will move the culture to the left in ways that protect citizens and create a more humane atmosphere and encourage people to believe theyre living in a more respectful and cooperative country than they did during the Reagan-Bush years.

THen maybe we can get back to the America we grew up in...not the belligerent war mongering world cop job exporting baby huey we've been since the 80s.

THen maybe people in public radio will get back to the reason it was created in the first place: a non-commercial, non-ratings focused, non-greedy ALTernative to commercial networks. then you and I and the rest of the population will enjoy true Public Broadcasting into the foreseeable future.

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