Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the past, part 2

yeah, I thought we did some very cool stuff. however it was those tapes you sent me from KC$# that I listened to over and over cause they were really drivin a vibe...takin it down the road and over the hill. great stuff. I run into it sometimes thinking I should put it on cd.

but it was the flow...the magical flow of a live dj doing what they do. which of course you cant DO if it's just a bunch of tunes in the computer randomly showing up according to some binary code. and of course the turd brains dont understand Any of that. why the hell do most of the people in charge of entertainment have absolutely no clue what the relationship is between performer, entertainment and audience? the radio system stinks.

when I moved a while back I found one tape labeled 'radio show' and the thing I put together of glenn's original bed music I recorded and one more I did for my overnight audience that I offered at pledge. who knows if they even play...cassettes...I mostly kept them for the cover art.

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