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The Amazing Atheist on Jews and White Supremacy

World's Largest Skateboard

........also from Johnathan Alcorn

who I guess I'd better bookmark.

Sandstorm at Venice Beach Bike Path

thanks to jonathan alcorn

Woman Dies on Camera in Iran

Iranian regime targets family of 'Angel of Freedom' Neda Agha Soltan
Iranian security officials have begun pulling down posters of Neda Agha Soltan, the young woman who has become the face of the country's pro-democracy uprising after her death in Tehran was captured on video.

Relatives said images of Neda Agha Soltan, 27, who has been described as Iran's "Angel of Freedom" after she was shot dead on Saturday, had been targeted by plain-clothed officials.

They had removed any material commemorating the 27-year-old student that had been erected near her home by sympathisers in the Iranian capital.

Miss Agha Soltan was shot in the chest after she joined a protest near Azadi (Freedom) Square. Within hours an Iranian exile in Europe had posted pictures shot on mobile phones online and the scenes have been viewed by millions since.

Relatives said the authorities had insisted Miss Agha Soltan was buried in a cemetery plot reserved for slain "rioters" and that attempts to hold memorial services had been banned.

Hamid Panahi, her friend and music teacher, was with her when she died. He recounted hearing the crack of a bullet before she fell to the ground.

"We were stuck in traffic and we got out and stood to watch, and without her throwing a rock or anything they shot her," he said. "It was just one bullet."

After she fell to the ground, the tourism student cried out in pain. "I'm burning, I'm burning!" Mr Panahi said as he recalled her final words.

Friends who attended a wake at her parents middle-class home in Tehran said they had begged her not to go to the demonstrations, which came a day after Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned he would not take responsibility for bloodshed on the streets.

"I told her, 'Neda, don't go'," said a woman called Golshad. "She said, 'Don't worry. It's just one bullet and it's over'."

It was not the only occasion in which she alluded to the prospect of dying.

Miss Agha Soltan's boyfriend, Caspian Makan, a 37-year-old photojournalist who met her abroad, spoke of his girlfriend's determination to protest in the name of "freedom" as he spoke of his grief.

"Neda had said that even if she lost her life and got a bullet in her heart, she would carry on," said Mr Makan. "Unfortunately, that is how she died, a bullet hit her heart and her lung, and maybe 5 or 6 minutes later, she died."

He added: "She gave a big lesson to everyone even though she was very young.

"She only ever said that she wanted one thing, she wanted democracy and freedom for the people of Iran,"

Mr Panahi said that the student, who had studied philosophy, music and tourism, was not political but sought an outcome to the election which returned the incumbent president, Mahmoud Ahmadnejad, with a stunning 2:1 majority that was demonstrably fair. Opposition candidates have objected to the result claiming the election was rigged.

"She couldn't stand the injustice of it all," he said. "All she wanted was the proper vote of the people to be counted. She wanted to show with her presence that 'I'm here. I also voted. And my vote wasn't counted.' It was a very peaceful act of protest, without any violence."

Tehran's police chief, Azizollah Rajabzadeh, dismissed suggestions that official forces had opened fire on demonstrators with live rounds.

While officials have imposed harsh restrictions on the woman's family, they were not asked as other families of victims claimed for the £1,800 "bullet price" to compensate the state for the cost of the security operation that cost their lives.
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Posted by Learsi1999 on Youtube

As horrible as this is, it seems important to post this. In the Vietnam era, we had television that actually reported news, because journalists were allowed to air images that brought right into living rooms the profound truth of what we were doing over there.

No such transparency now. The internets is the only place where we all can be in touch with the truth of what is happening through direct documentation unmediated by profit motive.

So there it is.

As awful as this is I feel I can't not post it. There is a terrible message for everyone here.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

From Steve the Cacti Doctor: Ultimate Potential Institute Out of Business

Our Good Night Sweet Prince.

Comment from LA Times story:

Something special and seemingly forgotten Michael Jackson did years ago in California... The first school shooting in my memory was in northern CA ~ It was in the 1980's and Michael was very popular at the time. The day after the shooting Michael showed up at the school, unannounced, for the children to help them through a difficult time. It didn't make big news but after that we knew Michael was a good person with a true love for people. He was a victim of the media and society which we always found very sad.

Posted by: j-dub

Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing.
And when you have reached the mountain top, then you shall begin to climb.
And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Poem from December 2001

I was broken hearted over Joe Frank and blogging and visiting the Fam in Ohio and wrote this.

~my christ-mess present to myself;~

broad strokes of sunlight to power my flashlight; megawatts of passion from past obsession
to power my urge to do chores. buckets of tears from the bummerama,
to water the trees that grow new drama.
a pickaxe to carve stairs in the
slippery slope of who cares.


a pinch of whatever, a dose of forever
with 2/3 of never. blended with clever. and
strength and a lever. (from spanky, a feather.)

half a cup of sweat from an angry man's brow.
the corner of when at the opposite of now.
choked emotions tendered as art. the most tender part
of an artichoke's broken heart.

magnetic residue carefully scraped from a length
of forgotten quarter-inch tape. on which is recorded
the right answers to the wrong questions.

the tears of the harlot in the used
car lot. the echoes of a language
that could soothe her anguish.

with music from an orchestra
of broken instruments.

mixed at the precise speed of a man
escaping from can't and fleeing toward can.

salted with the condensation of ocean air
from a lonely night by the pacific,

divided by the square root
of unfair.

hello in there, hello in there.

who does your hair?





I used to write things down that people said

...and my aunt Joyce hated me for it. She thought I was laughing at them.

I was totally laughing *with* them, my cousins that is. We had these four cousins, all boys, that we hung out with. Those guys are more responsible than anyone for
my sensibilities and sense of humor. There's no such thing as a boring house with
four boys in it. Anyway, so I was socialized with boys. So I'm still pretty good with guys and not so good with women. But I really was laughing with them because
they were truly so fucking funny and noisy.

Found my journal from when i was 14. -i was writing down everything everyone said. seems like i was a real bitch to mel. here's a conversation i wrote down at gramma's house: w/me, mel, and matt, who were both 11 at the time.

matt: "know what this tastes like?"
mel: "what?"
matt: "cow dooey!"
matt: "hey, that's mom langley's candy!"
mel: "she said i could have some."
me: "you're a con artist, mel. she said not to eat anything till dinner."
matt: "yeah, MEL! mom langley, mel's eating."
gramma (in a pained voice): "kids!"
mel: "hey, gramma, do you want me to count your dimes today? i mean, your pennies."
gramma: "no, i'd rather you didn't."
mel: "i wanna count your pennies. cause, if i don't, i'll forget to."
gramma: "no, because all you kids, and it falls on the floor, and goofing off..."
melissa walks out of the bedroom with the jar of pennies. gramma is rendered speechless.
me: "how can you get your jollies out of counting pennies?"
mel: "15.....16.....17..."
matt: "let's make noises....aaaahhhhh, uhmmmm."
me: "melissa, how can you get your jollies out of counting pennies?"
mel: "24......25.....26...."
matt: "that's 200....."
me: "mel, how do you get your jollies out of counting pennies? come on...tell me."
matt: "how, mel?"
matt: "you have to count like this..nan-5, nan-6, nan-7, nan-8, nan-9, nan-10."
THUMP. me: "just thought i'd join you here on the floor, since you aren't answering me."
mel: "three dollars."
me: "can i count too? 1....2....3..."
matt(plops down on floor): "NOOOOOO!!!!!"
mel: "matt, you messed me up!!!"
matt: "whattaya eating, mel? huh?"
me: "huh? mel, whattaya eating?"
matt: "don't goof, mel, don't goof!"
me: "this candy's good. mel, beside the chair, mel, that you were eating."
matt: "wow, a CANADIAN PENNY!!!"
mel: "QUIT IT YOU GUYS!! YOU MESSED ME UP!! NOW I FORGOT HOW MUCH MONEY'S IN HERE!!! GRAMMA!!!!" (hits me in the small of the back. i giggle. she redumps the coins.)
matt: "wow! another canadian penny!"
mel: "matt, you're a faggot!! hands off it!!"
matt: "waaAAAAHHH!! AH-AH-WAH!!" he runs into the bedroom, then, after a few minutes, comes back. smacks mel. "HANDS OFF IT!" he mimics, then runs.
in a few minutes, he's back. "QUICK DRAW!" BOOM. "Pfffffttt!" (sticks out tongue). "hey, mel! lose count and i'll hit you with a rubber band!"
mel: "MATTHEW!!!!"
matt: (screams) "I'M THORRY!!!" (covers face with hands) hits her with the rubber band. "that hoit?" hits himself. "cow dooey!"
mel: "jello-breath!"
matt: (breathes in her face) "ha ha, you lost count again!"
mel (screams): "ONE!! TWO! THREE! FOUR!"
me (righteously): "ya'll! gramma's going to get upset!"
me: "ya'll!"
mel: "TEN!!!"
mel: "FAGGOT!" hits him. he gets up and runs out the door. she follows.


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Sophia Loren...Mambo Italiano

You'll love this one!
Rosemary Clooney brings it!

Another Literal Video - Careless Whispers

Now..I actually like this song (and loved the video) quite a lot.

But I still found this fucking great. Right up to the end. At the very very end, they made a creative decision to keep something in that puts a nasty tone on the whole thing. But it's still a great video.

Total Eclipse of the Heart--Literal Video Version

perfect for a monday..a laugh, a cringe.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Who are all these people on their rooftops calling out to God?

From Andrew Sullivan's blog:

just go watch the video...incredibly moving.

Did you know that sometimes sloths continue to hang from branches even after they die?

I just read that somewhere and wanted to say it.

Nothing like the notion of ossified sloth on a hazy Friday afternoon. The air is truly bizarre over L.A. today. It's literally a light glowing grey-white but a little dirty around the edges. there are no clouds, it's just that foggy June "gloom" which is not gloomy at all, since it's not moist or annoying here inland. But it's an odd dim light which is the type I like best anyway.

I am very glad I can work in a job where the lights can be off and the music can be loud.

That's all that really matters, right?

Vaginas Should Smell Like Vaginas

OK, this is far more along the lines of the Friday entertainment I had in mind: and this wise woman speaks truth as well.

by Suzanne Reisman

While I was watching TV a few nights ago, a commercial for Vagisil ran. When the voice over announced that Vagisil could help cover crotch odors in addition to soothing embarrassing itch, I rolled my eyes. Then it hit me: it's been eons since I'd last seen a commercial for douche. Maybe we actually have made some progress when it comes to women hating their natural bodies less.

Douche commercials were a staple of TV when I was growing up. Generally, a mom and daughter would walk on the beach and discuss not feeling "fresh." I remember them being mocked on Saturday Night Live. Merely saying "that not so fresh feeling" can still evoke laughter with certain crowds.

While dumb douche commercials may be hilarious, douche really is no laughing matter. While I was in high school, my friend's mom (who was a nurse) would fly into a rage whenever she saw a douche ad. "Douching is like bathing a cat," she'd seethe. She explained that the chemical solutions strip the vagina of its natural lubricants, distorted the normal pH balance, and left the nether regions ripe for infections. "Don't ever use them," she needlessly cautioned us. (And definitely do not use douche as "protection" from unprotected sex – the fluids merely push sperm further up into the vagina.)

Not only is douche unhealthy, but it perpetuates the idea that vaginas and vulvas naturally smell bad. If the woman in the new Vagisil commercial can smell her crotch while fully clothed and standing in front of a mirror, she doesn't need a cream to cover it up – she needs a doctor to check it out. A woman who bathes on a regular basis and does not have a health issue should not worry about her snatch smelling like vagina. Vaginas should smell like vaginas, not like perfume.

What does douche smell like, anyway? Since I seem to have nothing more productive to do with my time, a few months ago, I did a small research project for my blog on the different douche scents that are still out there. I thought I'd find scents like Rose or Lilac. Little did I know that the latest trends in vaginal perfumes are head scratchers like "Tropical Rain," "Island Splash," and "Sweet Romance." Billychic fromThe Billychic Files and Ornery Woman commented on those weird "scents:"

Seriously...nothing gets me happier than the smell of lasagna or pizza...there you go. Pizza Cooter. If one has to douche, they could at least hook one up with that aromatic scent.

Jessica added:

I have always maintained that if women are douching because they want to smell "good" for their men - and want the men to enthusiastically eat the cooch - then douche should should smell like pretzels and BEER!

Personally, when interviewing new men, I want their favorite food to be sushi. Cuz I don't care what anyone says - a clean healthy snatch tastes like fresh oysters.

On a related post about douche equipment, Suebob noted, "You're just lucky they don't sell Soured Romance. Because that shit is nasty!" And that is the truth about all douche – it is nasty stuff. Women smell much better without it.

Douche is best used as the insult it is (such as, "Who's that douche who parked a U-Haul on the sidewalk, thus preventing me from reaching my apartment as there is no where to walk?!?!" which is what I thought on my way home from work tonight). It's bad for vaginal health and an affront to women, implying that our natural state of being is smelly and filthy. Ladies, for a happy hole, stay off the douche pipe!

Suzanne also blogs at Campaign for Unshaved Snatch (CUSS) & Other Rants


Here's One I Like Lots Better: Don't Be A Douche/Prop 8

I was going to post that video

But I'll just put up the link.
here it is:

I don't want it soiling my, our, web page.

It's the same apocalyptically-described nonsense and finger-pointing that they always do. Every idea Obama has had "has turned out disastrous."

and it's all about "winning." they just can't get over the "defeat."

that it might take more than two sides struggling against each other to fix this country, does that even occur?

he talks about Obama's "clever strategies" and how the repubs should maybe emulate them "in a legal way."

and at no time suggests any positive steps.

but that's what they do.

blame and shame, blame and blame.

why does it always surprise me so much?

Youtube Comments on Jon Voight speech

Youtube comments include:

HippiesAreNazis, it's as if you have no ability to think beyond the blanket statements you're making. Not ALL art, music, entertainment, writers, etc are "liberals." Are you Bill O'Reilly? You seem to throw around the word "looney" the way he does

You're right when you say this country has a one party system, this one party system is composed of 2 factions: Republicans & Democrats. Together, they form the Business Party.Nothing truly liberal ever gets expressed either in media or by Democrats
BloodMoneyConglomera (3 hours ago) Show Hide 0 Marked as spam Reply | Spam HippiesAreNazis, the dumbest thing I've ever seen is the idea that "hippies are Nazis." You are wrong when you say "99%" of Hollywood is liberal. Besides the actors like Jon Voigt, Bruce Willis, & Kelsey Grammar, there are plenty of producers, directors and studio executives are unabashedly Republican.

The media definitely are not liberal: to prove this fact, just follow the media's money trail. The education system, like colleges, should be liberal: where else will you hear something liberal

"the reformed" says
everything either of these 2 parties expresses is liberal under the new meaning of the term. Conservatives are the true liberals. They believe in personal freedoms. 2days liberals believe in gov't intrusion and control

and Bloodmoneyconglomera comes back:

oh no! Ypu're not going to convince me that the conservative ideology of letting businesses do whatever they want with people is in any way "liberal." I've seen this argument many times before. Just because you're in favor of liberalizing businessa and the economy does not mean that "liberty" is something the masses enjoy the benefits of! Neoliberalism is not freedom. Neoliberalism is tyranny and corporate feudalism.

Govt is an instrument of the people, not an alien entity

I'm sure you don't need me to tell you which one I agree with.
what I really dig is that I can come in here to work, do my business, and have some time in between feeds where I can play with this great fabulous toy that sits right in front of me all day. When I feel a little guilty for being such a cyber cowboy during my shift, poking into the dark holes of people's fucked-up minds as a diversion, I tell myself, wouldn't any rational person, trapped in front of such a portal all day, use it? Surely they don't expect me to have it here and not play with it, right?


You've got the False Prophets Not Us!

Just randomly cruising the web on a Friday afternoon with my mind half in the weekend already I come across this.

The comments on the thing indicate that the viewers really, really liked the Voight speech. So in the interests of self-torture, because I really feel like beating myself up today---self esteem at a raging low, communications more than normally stopped up, and regression into the world of the confused child in the home of Conservative, authority-fearing parents, seems to be the order of the day.

I seriously was confused as a kid. I listened to Ronald Reagan and tried to see what was so inspirational and I just _fucking_couldn't. I didn't belive his lies in Iran-Contra, and in spite of being told by everyone I knew that I was a "naive liberal", I continued to not understand that way of doing things, including the whole nice pithy little statement thing that people found so glorious, and knowing now the way he basically went around handing bags of money to his already-powerful friends, it just makes me look with amazement at a world that condones and ignores that behavior, blames its consequences on poor people, and continues to worship.

I just don't get it.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Word up: Single Payer (capitol hill testimony from David Himmelstein)

Makes sense you'd want to hear what doctors think will work...right?

Somehow they're not getting quoted on any of the propoganda shows.

His April testimony is here and it is very powerful and simply put.

makes me wanna be a republican

I dont understand how stories like this can go out there, especially the CBS cut, and nothing happens. I guess everyone says, "not my job" and let's it go. of course the people who Shouldnt let it go: congress and the senate. if the president doesnt step up and say "go get em", congress just sits on its hands and does whatever it was doing before.

hopefully, obama will do just that. I've been loving his proposals. now let's see how good he is at attacking the idiots who dont care about defense budget madness. his body does look a little like a great dance.

let's have a look at those teeth.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Iran, You ran, we all ran for Iran

will Iranians do it again? they know how to revolt. they have the numbers, but do they have to power to stand toe to toe with the political and police forces against them. it'll be interesting to see what the religious leaders do and if certain factions join the students and activists.

I havent been following it like I should, but it's certainly the lead right now.

if america cant keep elections honest, I mean wow. prediction: when america becomes 30% hispanic and latin blood makes itself known we may see a much more volatile political watch dog element arise. know what I mean? when we become a more passionate people, how will our passions change us? or will latinos become too norte americano to feel the romance of their genes any more?

humanity's one hope

I'm on both sides of the see saw because I've seen what I saw.

with such instant transmission of sight and sound from any and every place that has cell capability, how can any government get away with foul play any more?

it may take a few more years to bring important coordinating sites on know, like a cspan of the major urban streets or the real reality show of politicians saying sexist and racist stuff while there kid is standing close enough to get it in living color and sound.

on the one hand I dont like a society where Everything is on the record and open to interpretation outta context. a lot of innocent people will get hung when they're just goofing around. but the real bad guys will have no place to hide.

can you imagine if some CIA guy decided hey I'm gonna capture everything during interogations or secret meetings, lost it and it got picked up by some 14 year old who thought it would be really cool to put it up on youtube that night?

talk about transparency. that's the kind of transparency I'd like to see through. as long as it doesnt erode our behind closed doors individual privacty. but man what a line that is.

what individual? who gets privacy and who doesnt? who's to say? once something fundamental changes, can it be changed back? once we get all the gay issues "settled", what'll be next on the dont ask/dont tell agenda in america?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Talking Through the Wires

How they Shut Down The Web (In Iran)

sorry I keep posting compulsively. It just seems like this is really huge.

Ruth used to curse NPR for what she considered slow coverage of breaking news. I know you have to verify stuff. But surely some of this could be covered.

Andrew Sullivan Doesn't Have a TV

"I am out of the loop, as I said, on TV coverage. I don't have a TV on the Cape."

Fucking rock on!!!

it always makes me so happy when someone I admire doesn't have a TV.

a little less lonely maybe.

Andrew Sullivan's Blog

I should mention that in several spots he notes his blog is under attack.

So there's really some shit going down.

Check out Huffpo too.

What's the deal? Am I just shouting into an empty barrel here?
anyone hoooooooooome?


An engineer guy at a radio station I do traffic for was very earnestly telling me how credible he thinks our major news networks are in terms of covering important stories.

I was tempted to send him this link, but instead will post it here. Resolution 2009:

Don't Try To Convince People Of Things They Don't Want To Know.

This is a major weakness of mine. I think if I just provide evidence and facts and logic, that people (like my neocon-lovin Dad) will see, and go, "Oh, I see where you're coming from." It'll never happen! Get over it! Move on!!

I just can't go there anymore. Let people figure it out for themselves. Compulsive truthtelling is still compulsive.

Thank god for it though. you know?

CNN Fail

CNN blew it for me during the Iraq war, in fact all of them did, even NPR. At least NPR picked up the Iran story this weekend.

Twitter is Redeemed

So if you follow the minute-by-minute coverage this weekend of Iran's election (start at it's pretty clear the election was stolen.

With word spread via twitter, people climbed up on their roofs across Tehran and shouted in protest.

Conservative Misinformation University Class of 2009

with thanks to Media Matters

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sorry. No Facebook for Moi.

I just can't do it. I just can't go there and look at those little white boxes. I especially hated the box that wouldn't go away showing "people I might know."

Some of those people I do know, but do not want to know any better, and it's surely mutual.
It's not that they're not great people. Really. But I'm feeling kind of protective about my life these days. I don't want to broadcast the inane minutia. And since I don't have much but that lately, what I can offer is some artwork and writing, but somehow, in those little white boxes, it seems ....lame.... which it may very well be in the eyes of some, and I'm not interested in casting my pearls before swine. If that's what they are. Just because they're my pearls, doesn't mean they're not someone else's obsessive spewing. "Spewtards" I think you coined that one. Didn't you? I don't think that would have come from me.

Hey, who's this Hillbilly Beau Monde? I like the photo. Very sorta Willie Nelson but then it's a chick, isn't it? One of your girlies? ;D I'm just teasing. I know how you've settled down from those days when you liked to look at the ladies.

Plus I hate those white boxes. At least you can pimp out Myspace.

And as for "what are you doing right now." That's maybe the worst. Watch what you ask for.
"I'm scratching my ass."

then there's this:
Did you know that if you buy a book, say, on “Natural Cures for Erectile Disfunction” it will show up in your Facebook profile? Sure, Amazon will give you a chance to “opt-out” but if you fail to do so, it shows up by default.

Sorry. A lot of it is just creepy. But my least favorite part is the people who keep trying to sell me on it. And when I say I don't do it they look at me as if I'm a martian.
I'm used to that, though.
Maybe even enjoy it by now.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


this is a comment I read today with the author's name at the bottom.

The insurance payouts are incredible.

Tue, 06/09/2009 - 17:39 — project
Another fine example of what our corporate owned government criminals get away with.
These people need to be tried and spend some jail time!

Under ethics rules passed in 2007, lobbyists for the first time last year had to report any payment made for an event or to a group connected to a lawmaker and other top federal officials.
USA TODAY undertook the first comprehensive analysis of the lobbying reports and found 2,759 payments, totaling $35.8 million, were made in 2008. The money went to honor 534 current and former lawmakers, almost 250 other federal officials and more than 100 groups, many of which count lawmakers among their members.
The total cost is roughly equivalent to what the U.S. government spends to operate Yellowstone National Park each year.
Most of the money — about $28 million — went to non-profit groups, some with direct ties to members of Congress. In two cases, USA TODAY found, the donations to non-profits associated with a member of Congress came in response to a personal appeal for funds from the lawmaker.
The donations cover various activities — from a golf tournament that raises money for a lawmaker's non-profit to gifts to the alma mater of a powerful House committee chairman.
"You can still have a gala or something or the other for a charity and earn some favor with members of Congress, which is what the gift ban was put in place to avoid," says Dan Danner, CEO of the National Federation of Independent Business and a veteran Washington lobbyist.
Here is a list of elected people taking payoffs to cheat the American people and the amounts of bribes being taken. This is just from health care and insurance.
It is mind boggling to think how much these people are taking from others!
Arlen Specter (R-D- PA- $4,026,933)
Max Baucus (DLC- MT- $2,833,731)
Mitch McConnell (R-KY- $2,758,468)

And when you just go right to Big Insurance, the non-presidential candidates who got the biggest legalized bribes were the 7 senators who have been tasked with the job of killing single-payer:

Ben Nelson (DLC-NE- $1,196,799)
Max Baucus (DLC- MT- $1,184,113)
Joe Lieberman (DLC- CT- $1,036,302)
Arlen Specter (R-D- PA- $1,035,530)
Chuck Schumer (D-NY- $981,400)
Mitch McConnell (R-KY- $929,207)
Chuck Grassley (R-IA- $884,724)

We need to investigate and prosecute these criminals now. Severe jail terms are in order for these criminals!

James Ratliff

Monday, June 8, 2009

Fair and Balanced My ASS

Meanwhile, A perfect example of whatever it is that's really freaking me out about the safety of the President.

I'm trying really hard to be hopeful. I didn't dare hope he'd get elected. He's just one man, but he's doing things that really impress me and make me feel a little like someone's on my side. But he's pissing people off too. And they are the ones with the guns.

It makes me scared.

Scared enough to, if something happened to him, I'd really think about leaving. I don't know what exactly it is I'm afraid of. But it has something to do with the idea that this kind of vitriol is OK.
And I know I laid on some of my own in an earlier post. It's just that I feel I'm reacting, not intiating. I'm just going along here, playing by the rules, trying to have a good life. I haven't asked for a whole fucking lot out of life. And people who are so materially wealthy and have it all.....what could they possibly get out of having more?

And what's really weird is knowing that my family is on the other side of this divide. True-blue George W Bush was a great President type people. The whole Bush pack, thinking what those guys do is OK and that I'm a clueless liberal moron for thinking it isn't......

And they're the ones calling us Nazi's? And Fascists? As if jackbooted thugs and military might is what we're about?

I don't get it. I don't get it. I don't get it.

I'd like to be able to just play with my art and make music, but my mind has been really occupied with this lately.

Curtis Sliwa and the Radio Storm of Ugliness

I have to listen to him. At work. It's my job. And his breaks float in a ten minute space. So sometimes, I have to listen a lot.

Sometimes I can deal with it. But lately it's like fists coming out of my headphones and boxing me around the ears. When he starts going off about Obama.

Some of the ugliness is so casual and contextless that it makes my head spin. The spinning leads to nausea. Then the calls he puts on the air, the Obama-haters. Obama's only a gift to this country, you stupid people. Come ON. WAKE THE FUCK UP.

People are never going to get together, never going to figure out, until they figure out that the "other" isn't the enemy---it's the UGLINESS. THAT'S what the enemy is.

Maybe I'll write about some of these other guys. For now, he's the one who's shoved into my face if I want to make a living.

I'm just a lowly person on the totem pole of Corporate Radio. I'm just one of the voices on the air. I make 42K a year. I'm no one. Radio is full of, brimming with, people who are more important than I am. And the amazing thing is that many of these important people have never cracked a mic, never been exposed to day to day operations at a radio station. They haven't thought about the magic of radio. They are the Money People. The Business People.

As you know Public Radio is different. In Corporate Radio, Good = $$$$$$.
In public radio, Good = Good. And who decides, well, at least it is a human being deciding. At least there's some community involvement and input and membership. Ah Yes membership brings in money. But it brings in money because people love the show. It might be a show that is not commercially successful. But that doesn't mean it's not good. The best shows I've heard have been on public radio, hands down. All across the board. And its' because the values system is different.

Course at K-Krazy, they were so mortally afraid of being Uncool, that they were paralyzed by fear of what people think---to the point that creativity has been dying a slow and painful death there, in an underground hallway which is littered with the bodies of radio artists and echoing with the sounds of shows past. Most of which were severered from their basement-connection-to-the-stars, in a brutal or degrading way. The insults seem to be the constant. And only a few speak about it, because you just don't speak up against The Establishment. And they are, boy you better believe it, The Establishment. Boy and how.

But Sliwa.
He puts people on the air like a deranged “producer” who rants and screams about how Obama is a Muslim, (of course saying oh you’re crazy man you’re over the top) He puts him ON THE AIR over and over again! and you know someone out there is getting all f&%^#$ed up about it hearing those words.

He doesn’t cite history, he doesn’t reference anyone remotely resembling a thinker, he blasts his audience with hate speech and innuendo about Obama who’s the best hope this country’s had in 20 years; do ya think he’s even cracked any of Obama’s books to see who it is he’s attacking?
No education whatsoever. Sometimes he’s entertaining. There are moments I laugh. Those are the moments he gives over to dating or popular culture.
But politics? Does the man ever READ?

There are so many smart, interesting, funny people in the world. But what’s on the air these days, coming from these right-wing whackos, is like pure garbage pouring into the minds of those who dial up those frequencies. It’s like that garbage patch in the Pacific that’s the size of Texas and 30 metres deep, made up of all the foul plastic excreta of our heedless consumerism. It’s like hairballs and phlegm coughed into your mouth during a kiss forced on you by a drunken, sweating, reeking asshat who thinks you should be impressed because he’s got a nice car. It’s like a pipeline of festering ooze from a whining, bitter psyche whirling in a self-created vortex of hubris and oblivious aggression. Something is happening to this country that is very bad, and he is a part of it. He’s one of the points in the universal mind where incomprehension threatens to suck everything good, into an alternate world of finger-pointing, criticism without constructiveness, and uncontrollably spasming projection and hatred for anyone different. Fear rules in that world. And he’s such a tough guy. These days I turn down the volume when I am forced to listen, make sure no one can hear me, and softly hum the theme to All Things Considered. God help us all.