Monday, October 26, 2009

tempting the tempest

our miraculous cruise

a sea party passed us as we ate great patches of pastrami on a rather weathered patio. I was particularly attracted to a furtive turtle in a girdle who was introduced as a girl trapped within herself till she sold her chateau for a scarf to cover her scars. she was warmed by the arm of a skinny latin fat cat in satin moccasins who annoyed us with his sarcastic moroccan maracas.

we feasted with some Sandinistas and fell strangely ill. our repast had caught up with us. luckily the ship's mystic therapist came to our rescue skewing our screwed up tubing with harmonious hypnosis using a mist incense to cure our psychosomatic neuroses. we regressed into the matchless recesses of subtle effervescent bubbles that knocked us off our land lubber rubber deck huggers.

the next morning we were loose from our mooring. the tide had lifted our ship and slipped us from our slippery slip and we found ourselves adrift among the dipping waves. that day we had tea on the high seas which pleased us sweetly.

we never felt dead. we still don't.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Scott Peterson Didn't Kill His Wife

We've got ourselves an innocent man on death row here in our beautiful, incomparable state of California.

Rights? You accused? You got no rights. Not to privacy in your own home, not to a fair trial, not to responsible journalism, not to reasonable doubt. Not to attorney-client privilege, and that's regardless of whether you've ever run afoul from the law atall. You got shit.

California Vs. Peterson---if you've been wondering where I'm at....over theyyyahhh.

Come see me, man. I need thinkers like you over there. This case truly blows my mind, because everyone really thinks he did it. But he didn't. The baby's bone growth proves it. The baby lived at LEAST six days, and that is the outer reaches of convservative in age estimation --beyond December 24, 2002, which is when Peterson's wife disappeared while he was out trying his new boat in Berkeley. Prosecution's own experts calculated the baby's age---except for the one expert whose fuzzy math magically managed to place the baby's age at 32 weeks (his age December 24th). The nifty number tweaking was beyond all the jury members except one. The one who got it--who got that Peterson didn't kill his wife, couldn't have, because after December 24th he was being tailed 24/7 by police who believed he was responsible for her disappearance---that guy got kicked off the jury. Lots of people got kicked off this jury----the whole case is a the mother of all clusterfucks. And it's a death penalty case. And it's scary.

so it's my latest obsession. Sorry for being so neglectful over here. Tell me what's goin on with you.