Friday, September 11, 2009

I have to say Obama found his way onto my short list of moving orators wednesday night. I've been impressed with him before but when he did that posthumous Kennedy letter close, I didn't shbluther, but I did tear up.

it occurred to me the secret is his black minister chops. the black church force is strong in him and I'm a sucker when it's done sincerely.

thing is it's pretty early in his career to be able to trigger that response in me. good for him and good for us. a great orator with a great heart is rare and quite the thrill.

now we'll see if he can defeat the idiot dragons. he's got the brain...let's see if he's got the balls. thing is it usually takes a few years to reach that level of strength.

he's off to a beautiful start. go, man, go.