Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lost in Life

Life has started feeling a bit downhill. I've been doing stuff for so long and still have plenty more to do. enough so that I could work all day every day and have just as much to do at the end of the day. and yet I've already done enough for one lifetime.

so I'm ready to die. whether overnight tonight or 30 years from now...whatever. whether I go in my sleep or am carried away by a Dallas tidal wave or by a flood of west coast radiation.

I still get pissed by those who callously and greedily screw the population. I just don't worry about what it'll do to me personally. but I continue to fire volley after volley against the Repucklicans, the Rong Paulites, the know nothing anti-statists, all the political enemies of the state.

and I teach and improvise and eat and sleep and fight the private war of sheet between my teeth.