Wednesday, April 6, 2011

You Have A Glow About You

Hey! What's going on?

Here's the latest from the beautiful West Coast, where we luxuriate under high-up clouds twinkling with plutonium, plutonium in every lung. It's OK. It's nothing!! They said. But they said that about the BP oil spill too. Remember? "Oh, nothing's coming out. Just a few barrels." Just a few. And it's safe now. What a bunch of assholes. And this made me even more mad (because no one's talking about it except online): (so I wrote these up for the newswire.)

>>Radiation Measured At 180 Times Safe Levels At Berkeley

(Berkeley, CA) - Radiation from Japan's mile-high nuclear explosion was measured at 180 times safe levels in Berkeley, California, and the EPA hasn't released any California results for rainwater since then. That measurement was taken March 23rd. Last week, the organization promised to have current data by Tuesday; on Tuesday they promised to have it by Friday; on Friday they promised to have it by Monday. The public is still waiting, says the "Bay Citizen." Nonprofit group "Food and Water Watch" sent a letter to Barack Obama urging the EPA to improve its testing and reporting of radiation. A particular concern is that the radiation will be harmful when it gets into the food chain, if not harmful at the immediate moment. A "Food and Water Watch" spokesman said the government has been telling us it's safe, but they have not dealt with the issue of how radiation will affect food and water.

>>Nuclear Policy Lecturer Calls For Action Against EPA's Delay Of Radiation Data

(Los Angeles, CA) -- A lecturer on nuclear policy at U.C. Santa Cruz says the US government is far too slow in sharing data about the radiation that is moving across the country from a nuclear blast in Japan. Daniel Hirsch said elevated levels of Iodine-131 in rain are a "red flag" for public health, reports the "Michigan Messenger." He supports legal action to get the government to share the information it's been gathering, and is calling for a Congressional investigation. The Environmental Protection Agency, which is monitoring radiation levels in air, rainwater and milk, has not published results from California since March 24th. The EPA promised last week to give updated results, but has postponed the release three times, with the numbers still unavailable.

I am burned out. On the news. I hate it.

But I hate not knowing what's going on, more. So here I sit in a studio in a death-embrace with my computer for 8 hours. My whole life goes into this. My brain has no place to flop around--it's in the straitjacket of current events.

Could be worse, though, for sure.

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