Thursday, May 28, 2009

loved the fire fight video

proving once again if they actually sent adults into battle they wouldnt be nearly that giddy or happy to be blowing the crap out of other human beings who are really pissed off youve just blown up their families.

the American military system: Torture guys barely out of high school to jump on command, wipe out the individual spirit and replace it with a 3 year old's capacity to make moral judgments and put them in harm's way without regard for the fact theyre about to wake up in situations that will fuck them up for life.

how cool is That?

so, to review, what would your everyday Americans do if some monster army from overseas landed in North Carolina, California and just outside Denver and started breaking into houses and shooting people in the streets? what if they started rounding up the born again Baptists because their religious convictions were too radical? how long would it take the rednecks and sprint sales people and naturalists to bring out their automatic weapons and shotguns and long bows, collecting in cells and targeting the invaders?

we've never really liked being invaded but we sure do like to invade. we're like one big dickin Ant Hill. we have been invading other people's lands since day one. we've even invaded ourselves and still Do in so many ways. we must have inherited quite a bit of viking blood.

we have raping and pillaging Down, jack.
how freakin bizzzarrre is that!!!???!!!

cheney nailed what the left has been saying since before we hop scotched in the joint.

Dick Cheney was Right About Iraq

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Excerpt from Barak Obama "The Audacity of Hope"

A Redneck View of Obama's Presidency

"As to America's working class debt serfdom, some of us were resigned to that a long time ago. My former neighbor, Fat Larry (whose real name is Myron, and is thus happy enough to be called Fat Larry) says: "Hey, look, I don't care if Obama is putting us in debt. I was already in hock for the rest of my life before they started hollering about a 'debt crisis'". Nor is he opposed to accepting a handout: "Obama can let a smidgen of them trillions land in my poke anytime. Right now I got no problems fifty thousand bucks wouldn't fix."

Sez one commenter:

"Save the constitutional republic . . ." Don't count on it (and it's just good tactics to always have a position to which you can fall back). The shark that was the U.S. collected to many remoras. They've bled him to weakness, and he'll soon die.

We've illegal immigrant-ed, affirmitive action-ed, Title Nine-ed, equal opportunity in housing-ed, and left wing politiced our way to economic and spiritual - fatal - feableness.

As one who saw it coming in a speech I made way back in 1972 - I spoke of the New Feudal Age and the break-up of the U.S. - none of it is a surprise. "Democracy never last long," John Adams said famously (well, that's anywhere that history is studied - certainly not the U.S.). "It always wastes, exhausts, and murders itself."

How's that for being prophetic?

Sez another (who puts it, I think, very well)

What you describe is not actually the problem. All those "lazy immigrant cadilac welfare moms" are NOT the problem. The biggest problem is the "entitlements" at the top. A couple hundred to maintain a household with children is not nearly as big a problem as the HUNDREDS of MILLIONS paid to asshats that "managed" our country into a depression. That would be republicans that prance around with their lapel pins and ribbons on their cars telling us all to "support our troops" while whining and complaining and scheming how to avoid financially "supporting our troops".
I'll remind you that when the "left wing" was last president we had IMPROVING finances across the board!
Then we get stuck with the righties and they piss away all of our funds and more than we will ever see.
Bush handed Obama a flaming bus flying off a cliff and they vote in lockstep to prevent any effort he makes to restore any kind of order.
The GOP gambit is to prevent any recovery before the 2010 elections so they can blame Obama for everything since Pearl Harbor.
They have already pretended Bush "inherited" 9-11.......And since Clinton left office on 1-01, who are they inferring was president?

You see, facts tell us that the left, loves our republic enough to pay the way to keep it going, while the right, only runs up the credit card and hands it off to the left, so they can criticize the spending of the Left.
We can fix all our problems working together, if we can coax the right into participating.
But, they think "bipartisan" means the majority caves and votes their minority ideas even after watching them fail for 8 miserable years.

That's my contribution for the day.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Korengal Valley Firefight

this is where my brother is, and, I assume, what he's up to.

I don't have the words to describe how disturbed it makes me that this is the life he sought; however, on the other hand, I have great admiration for anyone who takes off, gets out of civilization, and lives on a mountaintop in a monastic-style barebones campground as these young men are doing. they live so close to the earth.

just with guns.

I wonder what he thinks about all of it.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Not So Liberal Media---Go Hustler!!!!

Who Killed Lori Klausutis?

What makes this interesting is how the press was all over Gary Condit, and that this story was virtually ignored in the mainstream, and alternative, press. Back page burials in Florida papers, and as far as national coverage, just about nil.

The other interesting part is that Joe Scarborough was on the phone to ABC within three hours of the woman's body being discovered in his office---before her family had been notified, according the the Hustler piece---telling them the woman had a history of epilepsy and complicated medical conditions; which turned out to be a complete and total, bald-faced lie.

Anyway, good for Hustler. Funny the odd places one can find the actual news these days. Because these circumstances, while circumstantial, sure are interesting.

Quote of the day

this guy is the head of the GOP. he probably didn't intend it to be funny.
too bad.

The Internets (as envisioned in 1969)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

well, unexpectantly, it looks like we're going to bojano, italy this july. this little trio here and perhaps as many as 3 dancers.

we just finished our 4th music and dance show at the bath house and the producer of the bojano music festival (who is also close friends with the guy on the left in the picture) asked us to come play a friday night in mid july, that he could fly us over and book us rooms in a hotel close to the stage site. so, I guess monday I'll be stopping by the post office to begin the passaporta processa. I've never been outta north america before. wow.

here's one of our dancers...tawanda chabekwa from zimbabwe.

some exceedingly nice producing there...

and a wonderful example of having the means to satisfy the ends.

very sweet.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Old Music Shows from KERA 90.1 and KCRW, Santa Monica

"If it's good, it'll be successful commercially."

file that under "Because I Said So."

KCRW and KERA programs hosted by Burkey.

Naked Man Tased at Coachella Music Festival

Tim said, "if this were the 60's, people would have taken their clothes off in solidarity."

But everyone at Coachella just stood around with their hand-held gadgets, and recorded the moment.

Are we at such a passive point in history where pushing a button is considered "doing something?"

I find this video so disturbing, it's hard to even find words. The idea that Coachella is so cool, is totally shot for me now. Everyone cool goes, I've never gone. If cool people behave this way when confronted by evil, I guess I'm not fucking cool.

Watch will sober you up.

Naked Wizard Tazered by Police at Coachella Music Festival

Shock and Awful

"Dawson and Downey are put on trial for the death of a member of their squad, Santiago, who died as a result of a medical condition unknown to them that was speeded up by a rag stuffed in his throat. The commander of the base, Colonel Jessup, ordered Dawson and Downey to carry out the Code Red after specifically ordering the whole platoon to leave Santiago alone. Because of loyalty to their positions, Dawson and Downey carry out the Code Red with no questions asked. When Santiago dies, Colonel Jessup covers his back, and tries to let the marines solely take responsibility for the death, but the laywer, Kaffee, of the men accused, goads Jessup into admitting on the stand that he did order the Code Red. Dawson and Downey are cleared of the charges, but are given a dishonorable discharge from the marines, and Jessup is arrested. Sorry for revealing the ending if you can't handle the truth."
--Jennifer Lynn Currier, Resident Scholar

Nicholson is Cheney.

Nicholson is channeling some powerful stuff there.