Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the hem of W passeth our wayeth

on the SMU website is a shot of W mixing with students on monday.

yes, it's true, celebrity trumps war crimes in america. kids and everyone else he came in contact with didnt seem to care about what he'd just done to the country, to the world. couldnt care less.

all they wanted was to get close to a famous guy. I'm sure everywhere al capone went there were people magnetically drawn to him for no other reason than his infamy. people lined the streets in front of hitler and napoleon and genghis khan for a glimpse. the closer the better. "Look! he's like a GOD!!!"

so it is with the W. everywhere he goes, his picture is taken as gawkers press, anxiously anticipating a brief glance their way...a blessing from fate, a story to pass on to everyone they'll ever meet.

"and on that day I brushed up against the Bush and my life was changed forever."

you dont have to brush up against that guy for him to change your life. he's changed all our lives, some for the better, most with devastating results.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shep Loses His Shit/Katrina Redux

actually it's more like geraldo loses his shit. shep gets hotheaded but doesn't really lose composure, geraldo, though, is, like, sobbing, "It's a little baby! look, it's a BABY."

this was an unbelievable story and just made me even more scared of my government.

the thing about having obama in charge, his having closed guantanamo the first day, was such a symbolic step in the right direction---a statement about the US's role on planet earth and our policies toward our fellow earthlings, that we value rule of law and habeus corpus....i can't tell you how reassured that made me.

o. seems to be floundering a bit and i can't blame him. after the lovefest of the election and inaguration night and the balls and the musicians and the love, it must be like a cold shower being in washington around all those power-driven, fucked-up people.

and if the repugs aren't liking him, well, that just makes me think he's doing something right.

Tim's got a blog

that's the artwork he features in his latest post...sorry Amerigo. I've been sort of out of commission dealing with medication issues. zoloft is the latest no-go and the last few weeks has been fought through, through a dense mental fog.

fucking meds...they help so much, but only when they work.

anyway, i'll come to the surface again soon.

we're gonna come visit you sometime. you and T. ok?

i saw an old college friend the other day who i haven't seen in a decade or so and it was soooo, so nice to see her. forty is a weird age to be...notes must be compared. many of my friends seem to be going through some mid-life stuff. i know i am.

did i put up a photo of our apt? there's art everywhere....i had so much fun showing her tim's art.

oh, tim's blog. it's at it out.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

a little knowledge is a dangerous thing

I relistened to the joe plumdaddy thing and it really brings home, in the face of our instant communications, godzillabyte internet running at 4 times lightspeed, how impossible it is for people to understand or agree on anything.

we've gone from top down news/history/values/information to bottom up 'anything you believe I believe better'. it's like the sun's gotten a hundred times closer yet people still sit out in it for hours at a time. meaning most people have no filters to what they hear and consequently believe. instinct has become personal scripture cause no matter What you believe you can find it a few clicks away.

it's like going to the store and suddenly there a thousand kinds of ice cream, none of which remotely resemble chocolate, vanilla or strawberry. how do you choose? okay, so ice cream's a bad example cause there Are a thousand kinds.

my favorite is nickel dumpling figgy froggy bottoms. that one drop of caramel drives me crazy, you know. sometimes its on the top, sometimes its on the bottom. so when it's on the top the rest is anticlimactic but when it's on the bottom ya gotta eat the whole thing in one sitting. I know you know what I mean.

now. where was I.....?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

right angle spewtards

one of my hopes in this era of hope and change is for a few of the spewtards on the right to wake up and realize theyre talking outta their asses with nothing to back them up but how far they can jerk their knees.

if they'll only start having a little respect for the truth and a little less respect for mindless terd tossing. it was great to hear shep on the mighty righty showing some curiosity and thirst to call out joe the spewtard. how refreshing was That?

I still hear some of them turning on only half their lizard's still out there, but sheesh, they know the bear woke up in november and they know what a reverse in ratings trends that implies.

the pendulum didnt swing nearly enough back to the left in the clinton years and theyre trying their best to keep it from going there now. come on, america, come on, media... keep pushing them back and let the pendulum go where it desperately needs to go, back through the center with power and intent. let it swing to infinity and beyond.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Joe" The Plumber is a Motherfucking Idiot

He's not even a plumber, his name isn't even Joe (that's his middle name).

Sometimes I do like Shep and his comments at the end of this interview made me grin. Wonder how he likes working for the Propoganda Factory.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

the Well Well

I've been soaking in these first heady days of the new era.

I agree, the bush fire ant pile trying to recreate a new improved statue of liberty in his image is a fitting disgusting end to the nightmare. trying to erase their collective mistakes is like trying to take a shit stain off the wall with your tongue. it only gets worse.

and obama is equally impressive in purpose and eloquence. his strong words against wallstreet greed these last few days have been incredibly refreshing. he's convinced me he really will do his best to bring back the america I call america.

as in the america the 60s revolution was trying to revive...all the way back to what we on the left believe the founding fathers really had in mind.