Monday, January 19, 2009

The Doghouse Rules

"Whatever Dick Cheney is up to will, like an iceberg, remain 9/10ths hid, but a glimpse at the remainder will be enough to confirm that it's constructed of taxpayer dollars, severed baby parts, and bullshit. And somewhere Jonah Goldberg will say something that is both stupider and lazier than anything anyone's ever said before."

Doghouse Riley sure can turn a phrase. I am truly proud that my internet indiscretion turned up on his blog (the Ronnie McD picture).

Tim is writing a blog and I like it a lot. It's named after the cage our beloved Buster calls home. Which is a big, ugly, nasty cage with lots of toys and ladders and goodies that birds like. When Bob (the dominant male budgie) isn't pushing Buster around, Buster does rule his house. If Bob's in, he gets the pick of the best seats in the roost, ie, the highest one up, which is the preference of all birds and the status seat, the crow's nest.

But when it's Bedtime for Bob, Buster is the Master. He climbs to the top of his swing and snuggles against the ceiling. Let's hear it for the Buster House. Tim named his blog The Buster House Rules. check it out.

Cheesy Miracle Paintings

well, shit. i got these in an email, and the brook was babbling, the falls were falling, and the waves were washing gently ashore.

well, use your imagination.

some ya win..some just end up lame.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

L@rz iz a &utt \/\/eez!L

we get l@rz on the weekend here and, yeah, he's one of the many dog brains on that side of the island. the only good thing I can say is he's not as rhetorically hypocritical as some. he doesnt piss me off as much as rusty humphrees or michael savage.

sometimes I cant tell if theyre serious. I wont assume they have no integrity. we already know half of us are dog brains and the rest of us only know we're not dog brains.

but rusty will Often say something like, "I cant stand these sub-moronic idiots who call people names." it's beyond racism, beyond conservatism. it's yappy weiner dog brain panderism where the only thing that means anything to host and audience are continuous short shrill yelps.

I have my own prejudices. I'll admit it. I really Really hate yappy dogs.

Shut Your CAk@H0Les Y() U R@ci$T B@s+aRDs

(this is from an online discussion group talking about radio talk show host Lars Larson who is a piece of work for sure. )


Can we finally call the "illegal immigrant" meme (and the bogus claim that Democrats are "caudle"-ing them -- i.e. "coddling" -- by its true name?

It's racism, pure and simple.

The whole meme has always been about "Mexicans" (NOT, significantly, Canadians) and that's the whole core of this election: crypto-racism. (With, I note, a dash of homophobia in another 'God-hates-fags' Fred Phelps-style initiative).

It's OK for GOP-ers to hate them brown-skinned "illegals" what am stealin' alla their hard-earned tax dullards: It's MINE! It's MY money! MINE! MINE! MINE!

(Good Christians that they are -- or claim to be.)

And so, Lars can wear his virtual Klan sheet and the GOP can pretend they're not screaming about racism, pure and simple. It's Trent Lott letting slip his love for Strom Thurmond's Segregationist Party presidential run in '48; it's screaming that EVERYONE must obey the law, when we're in a war that is a WAR CRIME according to our own formulation (Nuremberg Trials), we're torturing in violation of the Geneva Accords (which we sponsored in its latest form); we're consciously abrogating (and they are DEFENDING) the violation of the fourth, fifth and other amendments, engaged in illegal wiretapping, rendition, etc. etc. etc.

And the "illegals" are breaking the law?

The sheer hypocrisy of the self-righteous collaborators, these aiders-and-abetters of lawlessness and murderous criminality is staggering. Gargantuan. Were it assigned a numerical measurement, the number would exceed a googleplex.

But, of course, they're for the "Rule of Law" over a "crime" (illegal voter registration) that virtually NEVER happens, and has NEVER affected a single election in the history of the state of Oregon.


And, so, with all due respect, might I suggest:

Shut your cakeholes, you racist b*stards.

Burn your crosses on some other state's front lawn. We don't need your kind here in Oregon.

Right, Lars?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I just wanna celebrate

but how?

W stands for Wild and Wilderness. obviously his demise demands a celebration. does that mean Party or Ritual? a moment of silence? a day of drink perhaps?

the weekend cometh. I'm guessing W and friends will be tying one on friday or saturday night. maybe shooting up the ollie north crawl space or some such.

what do You think we should do for this most auspicious of auspicious occasions?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

year of the obama

whew...that was Close!!!

when you think of what Might have happened, it's amazing we've survived these last 8 years. the strength of America is to know when enough is enough. that's the power of our democracy even when it continues to be little 'd'-emocracy.

we may still end up the united aisles of walmart. seems like that's better than going up in a singular mushroom cloud under the tyranny of stupid ass greed infested bugheads.

seems like.