Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hip Chick Thing

What, you saying I'm not hip? I thought I was pretty fricking hip. I mean I dated Steve Price. That's hip. Because he's definitely a trip. But, whatever. I always felt hip. Back in the days we hung out. Or maybe I should say, I felt like life was fun, and it didn't mean squat to me whether or not I was hip or not. But I had my sister to hang out with all the time then, because she lived with me and for a time she was not an asshole, but fun; however she got weird with me once Steve was in my life; and after that we were not friends; she would not discuss whatever was causing her to have a massive stick up her butt, and the only solution to conflict is discussion, unless one person refuses to discuss. And so that's what happened, she refused to discuss anything and it became unbearable to live with her. And around the same time Steve got that job offer from CBS, which was a really exciting idea to me---go to Los Angeles! Why not? I always dug California and I think I always would have come here, because there's nothing like it for laid back. But actually I had no idea of ending up here, I just wanted to go somewhere else and see what it was like. Moving is hard, so I stayed. And finally came to like this place after about 7 years. Anyway, we're all a village now online, or whatever. The fact remains that the people you see in person right in front of you do have an effect on how you feel. So it's really important that some people not be assholes.

Am I making any sense? I fear not, I'm tired and cranky and haven't yet written my Inland Empire headlines. And it's already 8.

What does hip mean, anyway?

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