Saturday, April 3, 2010

the two sides of hip

well, let's put it this way...if you think youre hip youre not.

same goes for slick and cool. your coolness level comes from the amount of blues you've lived through, from the storms you've survived. if you think youre cool or hip and dont have the dues credentials, sorry...come back when life has thrown you enough hardballs and you've ended up in a walking coma for a few years. only people humbled by life need apply.

the other side of hipness is eccentricity. a total lack of desire to fit in any system or accept authority or submit to bullshit. to Know most of what human beings call social norms and self-imposed pecking order hierarchies in the name of progress and productivity and the requisite wardrobe is absolute bullshit.

under those definitions we both qualify.

those who dont qualify are people who spend an inordinate amount of time becoming beautiful looking to get into beautiful clans, constantly talking about how to be chic and fashion savvy, those who judge eccentrics and unfashionables to be cluelessly inferior.

they live their lives thinking they have to look like supermodels, become socialites and obsess over achieving the perfect lifestyle (and they would gladly stab their so-called friends in the back if they could get closer to it).

integrity means nothing to them. they wouldnt know morality if it came standard on their beamer's dashboard. to them art is a bore and real people are peons.

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