Friday, April 2, 2010

It Might Be Just

that I don't think I could get any joy out of a life in which I wasn't insubordinate at a certain point of dignity. When someone asks me to swallow shit I just can't seem to fucking do it anymore. And I like myself better for it. I know I can shape my own destiny and no one but me decides what that is---unless it's the great God above doing the shaping of my fate.

Once you get a taste of refusing to accept tyranny, it can be damn hard to accept it beyond a certain point even though that might look weird to other people. Power trips are the worst asshole trip on the planet when it comes to "do I have power over whether you remain a part of this community." It's an awesome responsibility to have to your subordinates.

But that idea of responsibility going both ways is another controversial one. I happen to believe human beings have human and moral responsibilities toward each other. And the Nth commandment on my tablet says "THOU SHALT NOT BE AN ASSHOLE."

Because it builds a world of assholes, that's why.

Power to the People. Fuck The Assholes.

Something like that.

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Burkey said...

It took a really long time to get past the rampant assholedom in that public radio station and it's extra weird that from there I came to a commercial venue that nevertheless is run by a guy I've known for almost two decades who is the most fun boss I've had outside of Ruth.
It's good to have a boss who is fun.
Fun means means you look forward to going in to work and work is more fun with that person there.
Bosses like that are rare. They really are.
Radio without FUCKING FUN is ridiculous. It's like death warmed over, a walking fucking coma.
Fun is the lifeblood of all thinking people.
Fun is when you trust people not to be jackasses.
Truth be told, my current boss has, on occasion, been a jackass.
But, so have I.
He has also put up with an awful lot from me, including when I might have burned the other building down by leaving a candle lit. I came in the next day and wax was all over the console. The phone rang. It was the boss "can you come in here" ....

Well, the world didn't end.
Ruth was a fun boss despite her screaming. The woman who came after her was not. Without fun KCRW was awful because it had once been fun.
I still miss the people...but not the silent scheming that dominated the place.
And it all really makes me appreciate the here and now.