Saturday, April 10, 2010


I've seen and of course remember about half of these. I think many appeared in the gold spiral book you sent me. I need to find that, I'm sure it's still in the packed books in the garage. I almost never pick up books any more...that's a shame, sorta.

seriously considering getting the ipad though I may wait till the 2nd generation. everyone I've heard who's looked, touched, smelled has nothing but good things to say. I've been waiting for such a device, not sure why. I Do think it's a game changer. it's all in the touch.

playing for poets tonight and I'm working really hard on a new music set up I'm debuting next saturday at the bath house. tonight I think I'm only taking my toy banjo sample player and improvise really short goofy hillbilly songs.

if I were there right now, one might be:

saw me a girl one bright day
she saw me first and done
run away...she one bright
girl, one bright girl...she
saw me first and she
done run away.

(play a banjo lick)

one bright girl,
one bright girl...

(banjo lick)

I have three slots with lots
o time in between. no prob.

might take a kitchen appliance
or two to use as a turntable device. kristen just bought a sewing
machine that embroiders. so I've
commissioned her to make a few
Jampact shirts with Jampact on
the sleeve, a personal mascot on
the back shoulder and a band
name over the pocket. this
afternoon I became "Poppa Fly"
and my mascot is a snail named
"slugger" with a big goofy grin.

cant wait to see it for real.

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